Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CHANEL: Nuit De Russie

Today I have a very special blog post for you.  It features one of the most beautiful nail varnishes I believe that was ever made.
I don't even know how I have possession of this polish, except that my friend (aka the angel from here on out) decided to make my day, my week, heck my month, with this unbelievably gorgeous nail polish!

Chanel Nuit De Russie.

I don't even know when I'm going to wear this, because I never ever ever want to run out of it, but this is such a gorgeous evening dark blue sky with sparkly stars shining in the night...ahhhhh, no matter how vampy this is to some, this is actually a very romantic colour for me.  I think this just took my breath away.

This will be my next manicure when I have a special evening out.
THANK YOU sooooo much K.Y.!

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