Saturday, May 14, 2011

NOTD: Butter London Fash Pack

I have to laugh at Butter London's names. Having just moved over here, some are familiar and some are not.  Recently I was wearing Henley Regetta and had no idea what it was until my husband made some snarky remark about it lol. Butter London says this:

Henley Regatta   |  ˈhenlē riˈgatə  |  
A rowing race held every year on the river Thames, used primarily as an excuse for very rich Brits to get smashed on the riverbanks.

I guess Hubs was right lol
So what is Fash Pack then? Once again going back to the Butter London dictionary.

ash Pack   |  ˈfash pak  |  
Any group of British women who are truly slaves to fashion, or work for one of the top UK fashion magazines.

So I don't work for a top UK fashion magazine and honestly I probably wouldn't want too, but I am definitely a slave to fashion and this polish is definitely my "go-to" polish color.

Fash Pack is that quintessential mushroom/taupe-y, ugly yet chic color that I absolutely adore! Anyone who knows me, may even comment that I like to rock some "ugly" things and it trickles all the way down to polish.  I wouldn't so much as call them ugly, perhaps unordinary, unique, how about advant garde?  lol, ok whatever you call it, this shade of polish is quite popular these days and I'm on that band wagon.

It's a smooth creme and although this was the older bottle with the twist up cap/brush, the formula was no different then the newer bottles.  This is also a 1 coat opaque polish, but instead I applied 2 thin coats.  I just felt better putting on 2 instead of 1, I dunno..just a weird habit of mine.  

(why do my hands look like they are sunburned? lol)

It is also awfully close to my other favorite mushroom/taupe creme polish - Chanel's Particuliere.

I it a lot :)

It's perfect for the gloomy weather today. It's about the pour and absolutely loving this breeze, very refreshing.  I guess I choose the perfect country to move too :)

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