Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Bourjois Perfect Harmony Shadow & Contour 11 Miss Spirit

I found this tiny little eyeshadow book at my local pound shop and I figured for only a pound it was worth a go.

Bourjois Perfect Harmony Shadow & Contour comes with:
1. 2 eyeshadows
2. A travel duo ended brush
3. A small mirror

I didn't really expect much considering it was from the pound shop, but Bourjois  seems to be quite popular and I have seen it in all the high street chemists like Boots and such, so I decided it was a good deal then for £1.

The pink shadow which is used as an all over lid color was quite soft and gave me good pigmentation.  The Green eyeshadow is used as an accent/defining colour.  It was not as pigmented however as the pink eye colour and therefore it took couple of swipes to get the amount of colour as seen below.

Can I really complain for a £1...sure I can :)
Luckily it wasn't old stock, because I smelled the palette and it was fine and the pink eyeshadow seems to be in tip top shape. The green color is a bust, so I may just end up depotting the pink shadow into my palettes and recycle the rest of the book.

Apparently this can also be used wet for more intensity, so I may try that before depotting and chucking it.

I do however love the name of this palette.
Miss Spirit, if it said Mrs. Spirit it would even be funnier. Those who know me, know why this is a huge coincidence.

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