Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ruby & Millie getting the Boot from Boots

I almost missed this going out of business clearance, but luckily I got there in time, a tad late, with lots of foundations and powders sold, but I did manage to pick up a few things at 75% off. So if you haven't gone yet to Boots, rush and grab yourself a bargain.
The only stinker is that the brushes are not on sale. I wonder what they are going to do with the brushes???

I managed to pick up 3 of their nail polishes:

I will post swatches of these later, because you see 3 vampy dark blues and purples right? Wrong, the actual color that comes out of these bottles are much lighter, I've never seen anything like that before. Each were picked up for £2.50 a bottle vs. £12 a bottle

Next up...

This is their liquid foundation.  They are 30ml each, this is in shade Base 5, which I believe is slightly too dark for me at the moment; however, a little mixing will fix that right now.  £4 for something that was roughly £17

And last but not least, cake brow liner.  I had such a disappointing experience with the NYX version, but for £2.75, I really couldn't turn this one down, so here it is in my home.
I wanted the brown one, but I had to give that to my friend who I was with, since it matched her shade much better, so she grabbed the last brown, and I grabbed the last black.

The rest of the merchandise was swatched and a bit nasty, I wish I had gotten there a bit sooner. I'm going to go back tomorrow however and see if it has gone down anymore in price!

So that's my Ruby & Millie haul from the Boot's clearance sale.
Rush over there if you haven't already since mine was pretty much emptied out!

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