Saturday, May 7, 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc Electric Teal - Instyle's June freebie

I'm loving these freebies with the magazines!
Just an alert if you haven't picked up your Instyle magazine yet for June, go run now! You can get a full size Nails Inc polish with it. You spend 3.60 for the magazine and you walk away with a 11 pound polish. It comes in 3 colors: Electric Teal, Fashion Fawn and Candy Orange.

Out of the three very trendy colors, I grabbed Electric Teal, because it's a dupe for the Dior Nirvana polish!! Super happy about that. Candy Orange is perfect and very "in" for this summer season and Fashion Fawn is just that awesome mushroom/taupey color.

Now for my rant...
I don't own many Nails Inc polishes, in fact the only other Nails Inc polish I own is from a Diet coke freebie from Boots. I have to honestly say that there is a huge quality difference between the two Nails Inc bottles. The bottle I obtained with the magazine reads "Nails inc. London for Instyle" and the bottle from the diet coke promo just reads Nails Inc.  Caramel (from Diet coke promo) was easy to apply and dried very quickly.  I had no complaints about the formula and application; however,  Electric Teal was thick/gloopy and very streaky for a creme finish polish.  I don't like that at all.  A company should strive to make all their polishes equal no matter if it is for a promotion or for retail.

At 11 pounds a bottle, I doubt I would ever spend that money on a Nails Inc bottle truthfully. I understand it is the luxury nail brand in the UK, but for 2.99 you can get a bottle of Barry M and you get the same level of polish.

Call me a nail snob, but for me to shell out 11 pounds (close to $18-$19) a bottle, you better give me some unique colors and shades.  So far, all the Nails Inc bottles I've seen, well let's just say I've seen them all before.  That's why despite loving Dior polishes for their formula and new brush heads, I didn't splurge on Nirvana or any of their other new polishes, because I've seen them all before.  But if you love Dior's Nirvana but don't want to shell out 21 pounds, then just grab an Instyle magazine for 3.60 and get the Electric Teal.  It will give you that fix that you need and also you get a mag to flip through :) Just be warned that it's gloopy, thick, streaky and needs 2 coats and it takes a bit to dry.

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