Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: The Break out & The Maria Badescu Drying Lotion

Kind of like the "Beauty & The Beast" scenerio, last night I had a massive allergic reaction or breakout to the left side of my face. First the itching, then all the bumps appearing...yeah I was not very happy, so I immediately washed my face and tried to get whatever was causing this reaction off of me (if in fact it was an external allergic reaction).

I thought to myself...what did I eat different? what did I wear different? and the only thing that I can think about was wearing the Stila tinted moisturizer that I got from Tkmaxx a while back on clearance.  The only reason I didn't think that was it was because I have worn it before without any adverse back to the drawing board.

The day before I tried the Inglot makeup base, which I thought was very very greasy. Perhaps it clogged my pores...anyhoo...the culprit still remains anonymous.

So I turned to my handy dandy friend, the Drying lotion by Mario Badescu.

For those that haven't tried it, it is a very strong liquid that is placed on any pimples or whiteheads and left overnight.  I have used this before, this is my 2nd bottle and the only thing that is strong enough to work on my tough, yet sensitive skin.

The only odd thing that I noticed tonight was it said "DO NOT SHAKE THE SOLUTION". Just like that too, in bold caps! whoa, I had no idea that you weren't suppose to shake the solution, because it does separate and I just assumed it worked better when the solution mixed together.

That's a bit odd to me.

It is a life saver, my face is back to normal, well I use the term normal loosely here lol

I just can't rave about this product.  It is ugly on your face, so it's for something you want to do at night, and it works overnight or as long as you don't smear your face on your pillow and wipe off the solution lol
But I find that it works on the deepest pimples of mine. Oh and a bit of warning, if you have been scratching, picking, and punctured your pimple (yes I know it's gross but some of us still do it) then this ointment will sting like a b*tch when you put it on.
But you know that saying, "no pain, no gain", well at least you know it's working.  Nobody said beauty wasn't painful.

Anyways, huge love and rave for this product.


  1. Hah, you shook it didn't you!?! Admit it :) Glad it worked, and yes, it does sting like a B* but I found that using that then putting some of the silver powder on it would help give it an extra boost of OW! but it does help. It's too bad it's just to harsh for my skin now.

  2. LIke they say - no pain, no gain, it stings, but I don't mind for the great results!!!!

  3. I loooooove this stuff! Bought the big kit with big cleanser & little cleanser, and glass lotion & plastic lotion for my BF. I think I use it more than him!

  4. I tried their cleanser last fall/winter and I thought it was a very good, it did help with the frequency of my breakouts.