Monday, May 23, 2011

Ruby & Millie Eye Color: Beige 840p

I couldn't resist. I returned to Boots to see what was left of the 75% off sale and I grabbed a couple of more items, but this time an eyeshadow.

  (I'll be blogging about the cheek color on the right after this review)

I got Beige 840p - what a fun name, right? .......

Well what lacks in names this shadow makes up for.  This shadow is extremely silky and buttery.  It reminds me of Inglot shadows quite a bit.  You get a ton of product per swipe. The color pay off is amazing and it blends quite nicely as well.  I know I have said previously that I wouldn't have paid full price; however, my one exception is for these shadows.  I would have paid that amount, because I really believe they are high quality.  It's quite a shame that the other colours were sold out and the ones that were left were not that interesting.

Once again, if you haven't already...rush to Boots and grab these during the sale.

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