Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 10 Pan update

It really feels good to use the items you have. I'm doing well and almost done!
Other than the facial cleanser, I'm pretty much done my very first project 10 pan. 

1. Befine Gentle Cleanser - only 50% used
2. Befine skin balm (it's inside the lemon) 
3. Lush face mask in Love Lettuce
4. Qtica intense lip repair balm - 95% used
5. Befine daily moisturizer & Befine Firming Toner
6. Murad Acne treatment concealer - 95% used
7. Mac Slimshine lipstick in Bare - 95% used
8. Dior Bronze Collagen active spr 10 lipgloss 
9. Chanel eyeshadow in Fusion 
10. Kiehls White brightening botanical hydrating mask

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