Monday, May 23, 2011

No 7 Eyeliner Brush Review

No 7 has apparently been around for a long time here in England and I have seen them in almost every Boots, but I never purchased anything from them yet due to the price points. I've read my reviews and they all seem to be pretty decent, but honestly £7 for a nail polish? Really? No thanks, I'd rather pay a few pounds more and get another brand that has a better reputation.

Last Saturday I got a £5 off voucher for any No 7 product, so I went today and picked up a makeup brush. They say your makeup is only as good as the tools that you use, so I'm always trying to pick up makeup brushes at a discounted price.

Although I thought the brush was well made for something you can pick up at a drugstore, I just can't ever fathom paying £6.75 for this brush.  I enjoyed paying £1.75 for a brand that I am unfamiliar with.  It's a nice brush, the bristles are not too soft, not too rough and it keeps shape, so this worked very well with my gel eyeliner. It's just a plain black handle, nothing fancy or spectacular.  So overall I'm pleased with it, like I said, I'm pleased because I paid £1.75, but I just don't know how pleased I would be if I ended up paying £6.75 ($11) for this .

Has anyone else gotten anything by No 7 with the voucher? What are you takes on this brand?

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