Monday, May 23, 2011

Ruby & Millie Cheek Color Orange 20 Matte/Pearl

Ladies...I wanted to show you another one of my purchases during the sale.

Ruby & Millie's
Cheek Color in Orange 20

I'm not very keen on this one.  I got it thinking that it would give me a nice peachy color and although the color does work with my skintone, I'm not happy with the color pay off. 
It was extremely hard to pick up any color, and it was very dry.

I don't know if it's because it is more Matte than I am use to when it comes to cheek colour, but I just didn't think this was any good.  I had to apply it 4 times on my cheeks to even be able to notice any colour at all. 

The only thing that I like about this is that is clicks to my other Ruby & millie products to make a tier lol

That's pretty neat, reminds me of Le Metier products that stack up that way.
Clever package design, too bad their blushes weren't that great.

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