Monday, September 6, 2010

Black Friday bargain: Stella McCartney Mesh pumps

The Stella McCartney mesh sandal heels were all the rage and at their retail price of $895 I couldn't afford them, and even when they were on sale at around $485 I still couldn't afford them, but when I found these on at midnight on black friday, I ran for my wallet.
Retail price: $895
My bargain price: $99 minus $10 credit!!!!

I love all things Stella McCartney and i love that they are all vegan and organic. There is just this understated coolness to her items. I just really love these and I found them to be quite comfortable, sturdy (even though they were mesh) and very sexy.

I know a lot of people are thinking that's still a lot for a pair of shoes, but have you guys seen the prices of Steve Madden shoes or Guess shoes lately? Even the run of the mill, mid range shoes are now costing over $100, so that is what I tell myself when I look at my $89 Stella McCartney bargain shoes!

Love these. I will be rocking these for quite some time.

TJ Maxx Haul: Oscar Blandi, Juicy Couture & more

I hoped in TJ maxx today after I got my hair done by my friend. Black hair with purple peek a boos, very offkey and funky. Just the right pick me up that i I was even more thrilled after I got some really cheap items on sale at TJ maxx.

First item: Juicy couture black socks with cute bow detail for 50 cents from $6.99 on sale (sorry pics aren't that great)

Second Item: Scrapbooking items to put into a scrapbook lot for a friend for 30 cents each (from $2.99 each on sale already)

Last but not least: Oscar Blandi shampoo & condition for $3, marked down from $33

Such a great price for some really good stuff!