Monday, September 6, 2010

TJ Maxx Haul: Oscar Blandi, Juicy Couture & more

I hoped in TJ maxx today after I got my hair done by my friend. Black hair with purple peek a boos, very offkey and funky. Just the right pick me up that i I was even more thrilled after I got some really cheap items on sale at TJ maxx.

First item: Juicy couture black socks with cute bow detail for 50 cents from $6.99 on sale (sorry pics aren't that great)

Second Item: Scrapbooking items to put into a scrapbook lot for a friend for 30 cents each (from $2.99 each on sale already)

Last but not least: Oscar Blandi shampoo & condition for $3, marked down from $33

Such a great price for some really good stuff!

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