Sunday, July 29, 2012

Strangebeautiful Library of Camo swatches

I can't believe I haven't swatched this set for my blog. I'm so sorry as this is probably one of my favourite nail polishes in my stash.  I got this set for my birthday, and I have been in love with Strangebeautiful ever since.  

Library of Camo contains 10 colours inspired by the art of camoflague.  The intellectual concept behind each of the colours was a huge basis of why I really wanted to invest my money in this.  Not only is it visually appealing, but there was some thought behind it.  Who would have thought? Beauty and brains can go together!

I purchased this set at Cult Beauty, which is currently not available, but they still have other sets and you can see those HERE.  I spy the Inept Laundress volume - SwOON!

The acrylic case that holds these volumes are heavy and provides a very secure home for the nail polish.  I personally love the sleek and streamlined cases these come in.

Now onto the swatches.  The individual polishes do not have their own names.  I swatched each colour for your viewing pleasure.  Some polishes took one coat, while others were two to three.  Please note that some of the fingers will only have one coat while others have two, I did this to show you the sheerness and the opaqueness of the different polishes. The formula is very lovely.  The brush itself reminded me of the D&G brushes that seems to be slightly A line and "skirt" outwards.  It didn't make the application difficult, but after using the Dior brushes, I think this is the only area that Strangebeautiful could improve on.

Colour No. 1

Colour No. 2

Colour No. 3

Colour No. 4 

Colour No. 5

Colour No. 6

Colour No. 7

Colour No. 8

Colour No. 9

Colour No. 10

I love this volume so much that I actually have a backup.  This is just my cup of tea. I love military/army greens and neutrals.  This even goes for clothes as well, so when I saw this set, I knew I had to have it and have a backup.  

If you want these volumes and you are in the UK, embrace yourself as they just raised the price to £64 per volume, but in my world, they are so worth it, and they really add a dose of class and extravagance to any vanity.

Chanel Nail Vernis in June

This is the first time that I actually purchased colours from the summer collection.  I was in such a "dark" place with polishes. The blacks, midnight blues, vampy colours ruled my world, but I have seen the light.  I slept on this when it first came out, and I'm so glad that I got it before it sold out.

I needed 2-3 coats.  The formula was slightly sheer and not as good as the fall colours, but I still love the way this looks.  

I actually got this for free on Boots online by redeeming my Boots points (rrp £18).  I'm so happy that Boots finally let us redeem our points online as I now have access to more brands than just the few counters at my small Boots.  Good job Boots! You made this customer mega happy!
A part of me has been lusting for a nude nail polish, and one day after work, my favourite Dior SA showed me this.  It was always one of those polishes that never caught my eye, because it always leaned slightly too pink for me.  I took a gamble and bought it. 

This is Dior's Incognito.

It took 2 coats, and in some light, it appears to be a very subtle mauve pink.  I'm not sure about this colour.  I do like the delicate feminine nature of this colour, but it just doesn't do too much for me.  I suppose I could use this as an undie, but for £17.50, I would have liked this to be more nude.  The flourescent light of Boots did portray this as a nude, but in natural sunlight, it definitely leans more pink.  The formula and brush was lush as usual, and I'm hoping that this polish will grow on me one day soon.

Dior Vernis 638 Aloha swatches & comparisons

I treated myself to this after my contract at work got reinstated. So my job is safe (for now lol).  I'm not sure how rare this is in the UK, but I remember it was hard to get once it sold out in America.

I welcome this bold bright orange beauty to my stash.

everyone....please welcome, Dior's Aloha!

Riveria vs. Aloha

Holiday vs. Aloha

You can not fault the one coat opaque and smooth applying formula.  The brush and formula combination is the best on the market, and therefore, I don't even feel guilty shelling out £17.50 for these little bottles of colour.

Illamasqua nail varnish duo in Scorch and Self (Selfrdiges Pantone 109 nail duo)

Sorry about these long overdue swatches, but this one was perfect for the hot weather we've been having.

Illamasqua never ceases to amaze me with their excellent formula and gorgeous highly pigmented varnishes.  

Scorch is a bright white polish with an amazing glossy top coat.  My fear was that it would look like white-out, but the glossiness made it look like no other.  Very impressed!

Self is my favourite yellow this season.  It's bright and bold and I LOVE it!

This set is a Selfridges exclusive and can be purchased here for £21.

Poundland Find: Stila spf 30 oil-free sheer color tined moisturizer

I just found out this product is 8 years old. I urge you all to immediately discard as it is cream based. Sure it hasn't been opened, but 8 years is a long time for a cream based product to change and you may have an adverse effect. I personally did not, but I still discarded mine as I do not wish to use a product that is this old. I am utterly disgusted with Poundland's decision to sell a product that is unsafe.

Grabbed Light 03

Lush fresk mask in Love Lettuce

I rarely revisit the same product due to my eagerness to try out all the new products, but there are a few staples in my stash.  

Lush's fresh face masks are preservative free and probably the most refreshing face mask on the market.  I have tried a few, but Love Lettuce is my favourite.

The ingredients are:

I especially love the tiny grounded up Almond shells and the moisturising qualities of honey and almond oil.  The lavender oil helps to balance out the almond oil and you get an incredibly fresh scented product.  I usually can not stand the scent of lavender, but it is so subtle that it doesn't bother me.

The pot is 75g, and it lasts quite a long time.  I usually use this once or twice a week on top of using my Clarisonic, and it has helped greatly with my blackheads.  

You can buy love lettuce at certain Lush stores and online here for £5.95.