Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Strangebeautiful Nail Polish - Inept Laundress Volume

Uk chicas, you can now get Inept Laundress at Cult Beauty. YAHOO! I thought I was going to have to import this, so I'm so happy. Thank you Cult Beauty!

Check out the description:

"We've all made the error of including a rogue sock with our white wash - only to unload a tub-full of blue-white blouses and bedlinen. STRANGEBEAUTIFUL creator Jane Schub is a self-confessed failure when it comes to laundering, and her inability to keep whites white was the unlikely inspiration behind the gorgeous 'Inept Laundress' volume. A spectrum of off-white hues, the library of ten shades is as stunning to look at as to wear, and the perfect nail polish edit with which to nail 2012."

Sounds amazing and looks amazing.
The downside? Yep unfortunately there is one.  The price has been jacked up to £64.  As if £55 wasn't expensive enough.  BIG SIGH.  But I must have. Now only if I can rationalise spending £64 + postage on nail polish.

You can grab yours here at Cult Beauty.

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