Friday, July 6, 2012

Wilson Australia Pablo Triange Pouch

Had an amazing lunch with some friends of mine.  They are slowly starting to become very good friends, and we had a great time laughing our asses off.  I almost forgot that I was actually working, and 2 hours later, I had to haul my late behind back to work lol.

I had lunch today at Aqua Eight.  Probably the only good restaurant in my crappy town that I live in currently.  It's a modern Asian fusion restaurant, and absolutely luxury (compared to the sh*tty cafes and fast food joints).

My awesome friend handed me a present.  She knew that I loved her coin purse and she bought me one in this murky taupe/grey/murky olive green shade.  She knows me all too well! 

I don't know much about this company, except that they are based in Australia (as is my friend). 
The leather is great, and the coin purse is very unique in shape and texture.

 The coin purse is about $40 AUD (£25) and can be purchased here.


  1. How awesome is that! Never seen one like it!

    1. same here, it's super unique and different :)