Sunday, July 29, 2012

A part of me has been lusting for a nude nail polish, and one day after work, my favourite Dior SA showed me this.  It was always one of those polishes that never caught my eye, because it always leaned slightly too pink for me.  I took a gamble and bought it. 

This is Dior's Incognito.

It took 2 coats, and in some light, it appears to be a very subtle mauve pink.  I'm not sure about this colour.  I do like the delicate feminine nature of this colour, but it just doesn't do too much for me.  I suppose I could use this as an undie, but for £17.50, I would have liked this to be more nude.  The flourescent light of Boots did portray this as a nude, but in natural sunlight, it definitely leans more pink.  The formula and brush was lush as usual, and I'm hoping that this polish will grow on me one day soon.

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