Friday, January 28, 2011

Century 21 Haul - Blumarine & Wolford

I decided to post this blog up first as I sit here and wait for my first order. I'll explain in another post how cheap my order was.

But today, my husband dug my car out of the snow and we made it to Century 21. Sure the one in NJ is not as good as the one in Manhattan, but it was good enough for me.

I really shouldn't be shopping right now since I am moving, but a good bargain is hard to miss.

I rummaged through about 400 pairs of gloves and I found these beautiful baby blue/seafoam green Bluemarine gloves. The leather feels like butter and the blow was so adorable. Reminded me of what Marc Jacobs is doing right now. But it's Blumarine and I don't own anything by them, so when I saw the price, I jumped on it. At $200, sure I wouldn't have bought it, but I can see why it was going for $200. The softest leather ever. I have a plain pair of black gloves that I bought in 1999 LOL I think it's time to retire them, in fact, I don't even know where they are atmo.

Then I went upstairs to the sleepwear section. My DKNY set that I bought 2 months ago had tattered and ripped, unbelievable, so now I need another pj set. Nothing stuck out. Everything was either too frumpy or too sexy to wear around every day. But, all the way in the corner and I mean the corner, it was by the employee breakroom door LOL, was a stand with Wolford items. I saw that it was 65% off of their ticket price, sooooooo I grabbed a simple grey top to wear. The material is cotton, but it's very soft and I like the spandex bottom too. Overall, I like it and the price made it better too.

So although I really didn't NEED any of these items. Both items retailed for over $400 and I paid around $40 with tax for both, so I'm satisfied with today's haul and now I can say I have a piece of Blumarine & Wolford in my closet.

YAYA shopping haul, I really needed it today after some stress that someone was giving me for no reason :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am in Love with Shoe Jewelry - Litter SF style of course

My jaws dropped when I found Litter SF's website. Shoe jewelry?! Just enough raw sexy edgy appeal. I know these will turn some of my "plain" shoes up a sexy notch. I'm drooling over these, but at the price they are asking, I haven't taken the plunge yet. I do think that they are worth the price, because they are actually all hand made and unique. Once one is sold out, it's not like another one is floating around somewhere. I know this because 6 months ago, I emailed this company to ask about "Jay Walk" (picture below) and I was all set to spend the $100+ on this, but apparently it was sold out and when I asked if they would be making another one, they said no. So some lucky gal out there has my Jay Walk chain. If for some lucky chance, it's me I want to buy it off of you, I know fat chance, but it's worth a try.

OH LITTER SF!!! Why do you lovely gals torture me with your shoe jewelry.

Come look at their currently inventory:

My fav is their current inventory is the "Walk of Shame"!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This little piggy went down to Ulta for some piggy polish

I never owned Piggy polish because at $7.50 to $8 a bottle, no thank you, but I heard that Ulta was having a bunch of these Piggy polishes for sale, so I had to check it out. The reality is not because I wanted Piggy polish specifically, its just that I have a weak spot for anything Piggy related. It all started with the first gift from my husband when we were dating...

His name is also Piggy lol and he cost a whopping $75 and shipped all the way from Korea. I know I'm too old for stuffed animals, but I never had a stuffed animal as cute as Piggy before and he just brings a smile to my face.
So when I first saw Piggy polish last year, I giggled and have always wanted to get one, just not as their retail prices.

Well, I ran to the clearance section at Ulta and yep, there they were. Sure I don't wear these colors, but you know what, I will and I know my friends will too at 99 cents a piece.

I ended up buying 4 piggy polishes & 1 Ulta polish for 99 cents
and an OPI avojuice travel size lotion in winterberry for 49 cents. I think overall, this was a nice cheap little haul and some nice little presents for some thank you and swap packages that I'm currently doing.

I am a happy piggy today :)

DSW haul trip - Juicy Couture for free? Don't mind if I do.

So back in November, DSW was selling these beautiful lush Gucci blankets for $99. I think they said the retail was $895, so of course lots of ladies online jumped on this deal, but I waited and glad I did. A 30% coupon came out and so I ended up using that towards 3 Gucci blankets. I gave 1 as a Christmas gift, kept one, and the other one I returned. Well I did use my $10 rewards card so upon returning the blanket, I ended up with 2 $10 rewards checks that I had to use.
I ended up getting 3 pairs of Juicy couture socks for free. Ok, I understand that Juicy Couture is cute and their packaging is adorable, but the quality just isn't there for me to sell out $28 for a pair of socks, so I'm glad I got these for free.
Forgive my horrible picture. The two pairs on the end are the same pair just in different colors. I liked the cut polka dots and the the middle is a black eyelet thigh hi socks with a bronze heart and stripe decor on the top. Unlike most thigh hi's, these actually stay up. Thank god lol
So here are the freebies of 2011.

I know...I've been MIA

I haven't posted in quite some time now. Life has presented an opportunity for me to leave Miami (I know you're thinking, why the heck would I leave sunny Miami) and move to England. It was a move that I have wanted to do since 2006 and I am so anxious about the move. Since October, I have been on the road, basically living out a suitcase and going from friends house to friends house and crashing at my 'rents for the time being. I haven't lived with them since the 90's, so it's more than interesting :)

I have gotten my hands on some beauty goodies and I will post them up soon.
I have also sold a crap ton of my belongings as well as donated them too, so it's definitely a dwindling of my stash, but what I've gotten recently has brought a smile during one of the most stressful times in my life....


I'll be right back with some stuff to show you.