Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DSW haul trip - Juicy Couture for free? Don't mind if I do.

So back in November, DSW was selling these beautiful lush Gucci blankets for $99. I think they said the retail was $895, so of course lots of ladies online jumped on this deal, but I waited and glad I did. A 30% coupon came out and so I ended up using that towards 3 Gucci blankets. I gave 1 as a Christmas gift, kept one, and the other one I returned. Well I did use my $10 rewards card so upon returning the blanket, I ended up with 2 $10 rewards checks that I had to use.
I ended up getting 3 pairs of Juicy couture socks for free. Ok, I understand that Juicy Couture is cute and their packaging is adorable, but the quality just isn't there for me to sell out $28 for a pair of socks, so I'm glad I got these for free.
Forgive my horrible picture. The two pairs on the end are the same pair just in different colors. I liked the cut polka dots and the the middle is a black eyelet thigh hi socks with a bronze heart and stripe decor on the top. Unlike most thigh hi's, these actually stay up. Thank god lol
So here are the freebies of 2011.

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