Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This little piggy went down to Ulta for some piggy polish

I never owned Piggy polish because at $7.50 to $8 a bottle, no thank you, but I heard that Ulta was having a bunch of these Piggy polishes for sale, so I had to check it out. The reality is not because I wanted Piggy polish specifically, its just that I have a weak spot for anything Piggy related. It all started with the first gift from my husband when we were dating...

His name is also Piggy lol and he cost a whopping $75 and shipped all the way from Korea. I know I'm too old for stuffed animals, but I never had a stuffed animal as cute as Piggy before and he just brings a smile to my face.
So when I first saw Piggy polish last year, I giggled and have always wanted to get one, just not as their retail prices.

Well, I ran to the clearance section at Ulta and yep, there they were. Sure I don't wear these colors, but you know what, I will and I know my friends will too at 99 cents a piece.

I ended up buying 4 piggy polishes & 1 Ulta polish for 99 cents
and an OPI avojuice travel size lotion in winterberry for 49 cents. I think overall, this was a nice cheap little haul and some nice little presents for some thank you and swap packages that I'm currently doing.

I am a happy piggy today :)

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