Monday, February 28, 2011

FREE Nivea Lipcare products

Sorry ladies, no lengthy post today. My left hand is in a lot of pain, because there was a bit of a car incident lol. No hospital trip and I won't need to go to the doctor. I am going to rest it with an ice pack and some lidocaine patches and hopefully it will go away.

In the meanwhile.....


Available @ Rite Aid Pharmacies - Nivea Lipcare is on sale for $1
Offer good 02/27/2011 thru 03/05/2011

Go to Nivea's Facbook Page:!/NIVEAusa

Click Like

In the coupon section & print out $2 Off 2 Lipcare Products.

So you may have to pay taxes on it, but what's a few cents?

Enjoy the cheap thrill and I'm going to enjoy resting for a bit.

Friday, February 25, 2011

D&G Nail Varnish in Stromboli

My DH was telling me recently - NO MORE POLISH SUE! Ok he didn't say so in so many words, but it was a look he gave me and it's not because he's mean, but because we have no more room left in our luggage bags. I do fear the worst in transporting these to England. Although I'm bubble wrapping them, what happens if they still crack open, my beautiful nail varnish will be ruined...sigh, but it's better than shipping them for sure.

So I had to get one last polish as my bon voyage from America.
D&G Stromboli is very similar to Dior Czarina Gold (which I also own), but Stromboli has an olive base to it, which makes it different for me - so I got it and I won LOL.

I wouldn't have paid $20 just for the polish, what kind of girl do you think I am? Of course I had to get something for free or discounted with it to sweeten the pot, right?

I got a free D&G Full size eyelash curler with it. I been using my shu eumura for years and not sure if it's all that, because I never tried any others, so now you got competition Shu!

Well, I didn't go wild and get $100 worth of cosmetic to score the saks beauty event gift bag with samples, but I did score a full size curler, so I think I did mighty well for $20.

Gotta make that dollar stretch, right?

So I'm happy. I found D&G packaging to be superior to Chanel and for less. Oh speaking of Chanel, The Chanel Moscou collection was available in certain Lord & Taylors and after fighting with the b*tchy sales chic at Chanel and the cost ($42.50), I didn't succumb and didn't order the Of de Russie.....which is gorgeous and I still love. So D&G Stromboli definitely fixed my craving for half the price.

Ok going back, I have to vent. Don't you hate it when these sales b*tches act rude. Don't they understand that it is YOUR money and YOUR business that is keeping THEIR dumb a$$es employed? When I called the Chanel counter at L&T, and this is how our conversation went...I sh*t you not...

SA: Chanel
Me: Hi, do you happen to have the polish Or de Russie?
SA: What?
Me: It's in the Moscou collection, the gold glitter one called OR de Russie?
SA: What's the number?
Me: Sorry I don't have the number off the top of my head, but it's the limited edition one with gold glitter
SA: I can't sell you the polish without you giving me the number
Me: I'm sorry I don't have the number, but do you mind just checking
SA: No
and that's when it gets interesting after dealing with her b*tchy attitude the entire conversation
Me: You know what? You are so freaking rude, (and a few choice words I shouldn't write here ) LOL

I know I blew my lid, but honestly she was stank, a grade A stank SA who needs to know she can't talk to customers that way.

So anyways, when I called back to speak to another SA, they told me it would cost $42.50 a bottle, so I had to stop myself. Plus the first SA already ruined the whole experience, there was no way I was spending money there and helping them keep rude SA's in business, sorry.

Ok - enough blabbing, sorry I tend to do that.

Here are the action shots....swatches soon to follow.

It quite of bit of polish they give for $20, I like that A LOT.

What's your experience with D&G varnish? Saks beauty event? rude makeup counter girls who think they are the cat's meow?

Until next time...EZ!!!!! :)

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose

I'm always sooooo late in the game. I know tons of other blogs have already featured this item, but my mind has been occupied, so I just got this yesterday. My CVS sucks. They are lazy, never restock, and they hate me hahahahaha. No joke, they hate me, because one day I complained about one of the workers clipping her finger nails right on the carpet and then returning the clippers she used into the basket so an innocent customer can purchase used clippers. EWWWWWW.....
So of course I complained, so every since then, they give me dirty looks there.

But those dirty looks ain't stopping me from getting my happy booster blush!!!

Well actually my DH got this for me LOL I was at home busy and he was running to CVS, so I called him to go to the cosmetic section to find this. He was not happy, but my DH is a trooper and smart lol so he found the item and bought it.

Now this blush retails for $11.99 and at ulta $12.99. We got a $4 extra care buck from CVS, so I decided to use it.

First off, like most of the other blogs I read, they comment on the smell. It smells great. It's light, airy, fresh, and slightly sweet. It isn't overpowering, but I love the scent. I think I like the scent more than anything else :)

I couldn't get my old camera to pick up the color on my hand swatch, ughhhhh
But it is a very light pinkish shade with a slight shimmer. You can definitely build up the color, but I'll be using it as a light color on my apples.

I am actually fond of Physician Formula. It's one of those rare drugstore brands that I would purchase, but they are so expensive. For a few dollars more, I can get a higher end brand, so I always opted to buy that, but with coupons, I will definitely be buying more PF. Their powders are very soft and have a wonderful healthy glow.

Here are the action shots and what all came with the blush:

NOTD - Sally Hansens Salon Effects strips in Check It Out


Sorry I've been away for a few days. I really couldn't find the energy or mental focus to blog considering the news I got mid week. I won't know anything definite until Sunday regarding my friend, so I'm trying to keep busy and try to keep my mind busy.

So I'm packing for the biggest move of my life and I'm basically going through my stash as we speak. I finally decided to try the Sally Hansens Salon Effect strips that I bought previously.

Ok, first things first. For some odd reason I wasn't expecting the strips to smell like polish. DER - Wake up Sue!! but you definitely get a whiff when you puncture the package open.
The directions were easy, wooden stick was helpful, nail file I could live without, and the nail strips have an adhesive in the back to initially help the nail strip grip to your nails.
It was quite easy and quite fast (less than 10 minutes). I am sure I'll do it faster and better the next time around, but overall it was a great manicure and I got tons of compliments.

Would I have bought these at retail? Definitely not. But that's just me. I feel at $10-$11 a set, you are half way to a Dior and other higher end bottles. I just can't justify it, but if you have a special night out and want a flawless finish, these would be a good option. But not for everyday use.

Here is my swatch. I'm awfully camera shy, so bare with me. I hope to get better and get a better camera soon too.

So I'd love to hear from anyone who's gotten these?
Worth it? Was it easy to use?

Until next time,
Take it EZZZZ!! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Morning after Mourning

Last night I found out that my friend, Phil Vane, passed away recently. It wasn't a phone call or even an email, but a single random facebook post from a fan that read "RIP Phil Vane". I couldn't see straight, I thought it was a hoax, a bad rumour, but after much googling, my nightmare was true.

The world knows Phil as the frontman vocalist for a group called Extreme Noise Terror and also as a member of Napalm Death. I knew him better as my husband's former flatmate of 2 years and friend for many years. Phil was my friend and a wonderful guy.

As I'm writing this, I can still hear his laughter and I picture his face in my mind. I still remember how tall he was with his salt & pepper hair and his all black outfit walking into the living room to tell me about his day. His pesto pasta in his hands (his favorite quick meal) and talking to me about relationship issues and dvds. As an american in England for the first time, he thought me what the word "tenner" meant, and he told me briefly about his punk rock days in his former bands. Since I wasn't into punk, it was a glimpse into a completely different lifestyle. I respected what he stood for, and obviously so did my husband since they were friends for quite some time. Phil also was a drum and bass dj and worked at a club in Switzerland, which is how my husband came to know him. He was a lover of music, loved his child, and wanted love in his life. I adored him for being that open to me.

Phil has touched many people worldwide with his music. I respect him for that too. Like my husband, Phil always believed that music was more than music but also a lifestyle and a philosophy of how one should live. He never sold out, he never covered up his tattoos, he was a true to his music and his beliefs.

As I start to look on google to find out more about his death (as my husband is emailing people that they knew mutually to get more information on his funeral and final resting place), I was shocked to learn about Phil and what his other side of him that I never met. This is nothing bad, what I mean is I never met the "Phil Vane" from ENT. I loved the energy, aggressiveness, military stage presence that his group oozed of. It was political and poetic all at the same time. I came to understand why it was so significant that this punk band played for the first time at the Brit awards in 1992 and I can see now why thousands of fans are mourning Phil.
Just like my husband, Phil had a performer side and then the human side. He was gentle, loving, deep, and always had a laugh, no matter how hard his day was. I will always remember him for those wonderful qualities and I will forever miss his laugh that filled up that house.

My husband I will miss Phil so very much. I know my husband is taking is harder than me, because of all the wonderful memories he is probably replaying in his head.
We loved Phil so much and we will make sure we get to his grave to tell him as soon as we land in England.

So this one is for you Phil.
Let the world rejoice in your life, and mourn the loss.
May you live forever in your music and may your fans play them over and over until their old age.
May you find peace wherever you are and can hear me when I say that we miss you so very much.

My heart is in two from this, but soon I will smile when I think of him.
Miss you Phil, see you real soon buddy!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

True Blue Spa Sleep It Off Overnight Anti-Aging Hand Serum Review

I picked this serum up for $1.99 at the bath & body works outlet in Gettysburg, PA. For those of you who know me, you're probably thinking, what the heck is Sue doing in Gettysburg, PA. Well I went there last weekend to visit my brother & his lovely family.

There isn't much to do there except outlet shopping and Gettysburg battlefield tours. It is a quaint town however. I can see why some people like the small town life. There is a town center and everything you need is all right there; however, Gettysburg is one creepy town at night. When we were driving at night from my brother's place to the hotel in town center, we had to pass a half of mile of dark road (absolutely no street light) through the edges of the battlefield. :::shutters::::, wow thank god my DH was with me, because I don't think I could do it alone.

Overall, I had a great weekend with them and before we took off to drive back to the NYC area, I of course had to stop by the outlet. There wasn't anything there HAHAHAHA. The bath & body works outlet was the only place I could go into, and I actually hate their products. I think it's over scented, way too sweet, and the combined scent just makes me gag. It reminds me of junior high school and I just don't know what the fuss is about.

I walked into the store and the friendly SA greeted me. As I was looking around, I noticed that there were boxes underneath the display islands and I rummaged through them. I picked up some gifts and I found this anti-aging hand serum. I figured for $1.99, why the heck not, right??

I want my $1.99 back LOL
The product is suppose to cost around $16, so I was excited about the bargain, now I see why it is $1.99. Initially the scent was quite odd to me. It was citrusy, yet it almost smelled like citrus gone bad. But I needed this for my hands, so I decided to give it a try.

I am obsessed with my hands these days with my new found obsession with nail polish and when I look at The purse forum and all the lovely ladies in the nail care subforum (yep they shoved us into our own subforum), I get so embarrassed at how my 31 year old hands look so old. So I am trying anything to show my "youth" through my hands.

I'm going to give this product a big fat "D". I'll tell you why. The pump sucks on this product, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Then the smell is odd and the texture is even worse. It is a serum texture; however, it goes on quite gloopy. Also, if you decide you want to rub the serum in like you would with a hand lotion, it starts to flake into these little dirty brown flakes. I wash my hands a gazillion times a day, so it definitely wasn't due to my hands being dirty. It's disgusting, little flakes everywhere, and of course I had to wash my hands again. So that was my experience with it on the first day.

The next day, I decided to give it another try. This time, I didn't rub it in. I just applied the serum and gently rubbed one time and left it. It wasn't so bad, still stinks a bit like an old orange, but no flakes. That's why it got an overall review of basically failing.

if you guys see this for $1.99, don't get it, not even for $0.99.
Save yourself the agony and stay away from this product. I'm going to listen to my gutt next time and just avoid all outlet items at bath & body works.

Here is the culprit and what it looks like....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lorac Multidimensional Spring 2011 Ulta Exclusive Set

I have been overwhelmed lately with all of the beautiful products out there. I think it's my defense mechanism in buying these little beauty items, because I'm nervous about having to shell out the big guns with my upcoming move to England.

I ran to Ulta today to see the Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday dupe. I honestly can't say that I was blown away by the ulta version. I must the only girl who blogs about beauty that doesn't own or want these multi colored glitter bomb polishes. To me it just looks like a birthday party threw up all over my nails lol. I don't know what the hooplah is about.

But speaking of multi colored.......

I went over to the prestige cosmetic section and came across the Lorac section. Honestly, I haven't look at Lorac makeup since their lip polishes almost a decade ago LOL
But something caught my eye...

The Lorac Multidimensional set

This ULTA Exclusive Collection contains everything you need for MULTIDIMENSIONAL eyes and lips. Featuring 3 prismatic light-reflecting shadows for dramatic shimmering color and MULTIPLEX 3D Lip Gloss in ULTA GLAM for super glossy 3D lips. All enclosed in a metallic mesh makeup case that can double as your evening clutch. (image borrowed from

I was very impressed with the shadows. When I swatched them they were silky/velvety and gave me a lot of color pay off. So I'm branching out to Lorac now and really wanting this set.

I hate it when a set is an exclusive, because it rarely comes on ebay. I am trying to rack my brains on how to get this the cheapest way possible, because it is losing out to the Nars Bento Box that I have been drooling over. I need to save my money for that piece of art, but I really am loving this set.

Has anyone got this? Can you tell me what your favorite piece is from this set and why?

Chat soon!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips on Clearance Haul

Hello hello!
Today my puppy was sick and wanted to swing by Petsmart to grab him some food and maybe a treat to make him feel better. So naturally my DH wanted to swing by Walmart. I hate Walmart, I hate the people, the smell, just everything. So I begrudgingly went there and went straight to the cosmetic aisle.

So anyways, the sally hansen display was bare empty, maybe one of two left, but they were completely sold out. So I decided to make towards the seasonal section to see if there was anything on clearance and I found over 20 Salon effects strips in the clearance section. Surely a mistake right? Didn't matter. I saw #240 Check it out (the houndstooth one) and I grabbed the two there, and wanted to grab one of each color, but I had to contain myself. Not all strips were there, so I took them to the counter and they rang up for $8.50 and I told the nice lady that they were in the clearance secton. She huffed and puffed - ok side note, why do people care, just give me the discount, it's not like you're pocketing this money - but she gave in and marked them at 50% off. Walmart sells these cheaper than anywhere at $8.50, and half of that was a bargain price of $4.25 for each one. I picked these up for gifts, but I'm definitely keeping the houndstooth one.

So glad I got these! Then I went home and another online friend sent me $1 coupons and I didn't see them arrive until after I bought this. Yes yes, I know it's only $1, but I could put that towards something else LOL Yes my frugalness has no end it seems :)

So enough blabbing, here are the pictures.

Here is the group picture:

Here are the side pictures, so you can see what's in the box and how it looks like from all angles.
Oh so let me mention that this packaging is such a waste. Here's my "green" rant, we shouldn't produce so much waste, but these boxes contain tiny strips and it comes in such a big box - so wasteful.

Inside the box come these tiny strips and a small file & wooden stick

It even comes with fool-proof directions (sorry about the poor image here)

and just a pet-peeve of mine, openings that don't open lol. You're going to need scissors to open these babies, even though there was an easy to peel tab.

So my apologies for no pictures on the application. I have a fabulous manicure from last nights black shatter post that I don't want to take off. But I will definitely post with swatches of the houndstooth/checkered one in a future blog!
I just wanted to get these up and to let you ladies out there to go and check your Walmart clearance aisles, because you may find these.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

OPI Black Shatter vs. Barry M Black Magic

So after a stressful day, I needed some relaxation and I decided to compare my shatter/crackle polishes.
Barry M is a british brand and was out way before OPI Black Shatter. It took a while for it to get to me, but it's finally here. I always thought trends tend to take a bit of time to reach the states. Below is my review on the two. Enjoy! Oh ladies and if you don't have either of these, it's so much fun, get it definitely (although OPI black shatter is a little hard to get right now, it's not impossible).

The color I had underneath was Orly - Shine

Here is the first swatch: Barry M's Black Magic.
A thin coat is all you need and within seconds, the polish begins to crack into squarish "islands". This cracks differently than the OPI Shatter and you'll see why.
I like this one better, because it gives a spotted look, which I like a lot.

Now the OPI black Shatter is the big craze and I like it too, but sometimes it cracks into really thin linear lines and I sort of enjoy the thicker lines better. I also am having an issue with the polish drying up too fast in the bottle, but of course I was told a little thinner will always fix it. I hope so, especially since this polish has a different formula make up.

So overall, Barry M wins in my book, but I love them both.
I am very happy this came out. It's fun, it's funky, it's very 80's and quite urban chic in my book. It's all the craze right now and I can totally see why.

For those in the US, I got the Barry M polish off of ebay for $10.95 with shipping included from the U.K. Not too shabby, yeah? :)

See you guys soon for my next blog about Sally Hansen's Salon Effects strips.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Current Wishlist

I rarely do this, but I'm going to publish my current makeup wishlist. The reasons why I haven't purchased some of these yet have to do with the price and also availability.

Here they are:

Diorsnow products - I heard excellent reviews on the lightening benefits of Diorsnow products. I have a small Diorsnow concealer that I use sparingly and it does in fact lighten my acne scars, so I am very eager to dive into the world of Diorsnow to see what other products give this lightening effect.

Bobbi Brown concealer - I had this 2 years ago and I remember it worked well. Time to restock.
Cle de peau concealer - I heard great reviews on this. Eager to try it.
Mac – viva glam gaga II lipstick - I love nude lipsticks, this one looks creamy.
D&G – nude eyeliner - I am hoping this will brighten and widen my eyes.
Christian Dior 360 mascara - Just intrigued by the rotating mascara, don't know why lol
Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette - Place Vendôme - Saw this on a forum & fell in love
Dior – gris gris palette & 5 Golds palette - Just so luxurious!

Nail Polish:
Dior – Rock Coat polish - Anything that darkens polish is something I need in my bag.
Dior - ebony polish - Dark polish? Yes please.
Chanel – Black Velvet - I loved the swatches of this online.
Chanel – Holographic HTF - A girl can dream right??????
China Glaze OMG HTF - Once again, I'm dreaming here again :p

But my Number #1 wishlist item that I want very very badly and will get my hands on this Christmas if it is still available is the Nars Bento box. Luxurious and in a beautiful minimalist Japanese bento box style box, I must have this on my vanity.
I know several girls on my forum that currently own this and they have raved on and on about it, so I will definitely be taking the plunge this Christmas. I just hope that this Very Limited and Very Exclusive Lipstick bento will still be available when I can get it.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone

I know this day brings not only lots of love but tons of stress as well. Either you are struggling to find that perfect gift for your special someone or you are tending a broken heart. Either way, Valentine's Day is not just about loving your significant other, but it's about loving yourself as well. I am pretty good at loving myself lol but of course it's always nice to get something on this special day as well.

My DH is a special man. We have been to together for many years and he's my best friend. We laugh, fight, love and best of all, we understand each other.

He understands my recent love for all things beauty related. It just makes me being a woman that much more exciting. I really didn't expect anything from him since we are saving pennies for our move, but a box arrived from and I knew it had to be the one perfume that I have been wanting for years now.

I ripped the box open so fast after begging him to let me open it before Valentine's Day and he finally caved!

Here is my Christian Dior J'adore L'eau edition!!!!!!!
It's so floral and fresh, it smells like heaven

Sorry about my awful pics, I was actually rushing to take these before our weekend getaway trip to Gettysburg, PA. Ok, I know it's not the most exciting, but we really went there to see my brother's family and the trip was bittersweet. As wonderful as it was to see them, I was saddened by the fact that it will be the last time or second to last time I saw them. But we had a great time and it was nice to get away with the DH as well.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Valentine's Day.
I'm thankful for my perfume, the weekend with my family, and most of all knowing that tomorrow when I wake up, my DH will be there with me :)

Sending lots of love to everyone on this day!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Orly Haul - 10 polishes for $8.75 what?!?!?!?!?

Yep ladies, you read right. 10 polishes for $8.75. Ok ok, I cheated a bit, 5 full size and 5 minis, but I had to catch your interest right? :)
Ok, so the last few days, I have been dealing with a scammer on one of my forums, so it's taken a bit out of me. She basically lied about getting her house robbed and a lot of us felt very sorry for her so we gifted her with thousands of dollars of beauty products, only to find out that her house wasn't robbed and that she scammed people on 2 other forums as well. It gets worse, she has a criminal history too! Including shoplifting AND animal cruelty. I won't go any further, because it gets really dark, but it broke my heart because I thought she was cool at first, until I saw her violent history towards animal, so obviously I could no longer befriend her. So she is now banned from one of my favorite forums and out of my life. I gave her a chance actually to explain herself and she continued to lie. I'm sorry but you have to wake up a bit earlier than that to pull a fast on me! SO anyways, rant over lol ...onwards and upwards!!!!!!

Back to my haul.
I went to CVS to pick up a cheap body wash. Been on bit of a budget due to my move to England, so I was just going to pick up a body wash for 99 cents ($1.99 retail and I had a $1 coupon).
So on the way to pick that up and an Ajax dishwashing soap for 88 cents for my mom, I came across these........

I couldn't believe it, it was 1 full size & 1 mini Top 2 Bottom. Each were 75% off and after all was rang up, I paid $8.75. Bargain price!! I got all these for the price of 1 bottle.

The dark blue is called La Playa
The coral reddish orange is called Ole
and the last one is Ballamos

My friends will be getting these in their gift boxes shortly. I just thought it was an excellent deal and I'm actually excited to try the Top 2 bottom and see how that works.
I never thought CVS would have a deal this good, it's even better than any of the sales I've seen at Ulta. I really needed to get a cheap haul like this to forget the awful scammer.

So moral of today is, always go check out your CVS clearance racks AND always google people when you meet them or meet them online, because you never know what you might find on that person!

Be safe everyone! Bye!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Laura Mercier issues & resolution haul package

I have been at battle with Laura Mercier every single time I ever ordered from them. So obviously, I won't anymore. I'll give you ladies a brief run down on why.
2 years ago, I purchased a set from them at a discounted price. They said it was a friends & family deal, so for a small fraction of the retail cost, I bought a set. 4 out of the 10 items were old, crusted, stale, and clearly discontinued items. I fought with them via phone and email for 2 weeks back then about getting my money back. They never gave me my money back, instead they sent me products. So I dropped the complaint and I should have stopped there right????
Well this October, me being the genius that I am, got suckered into another package as well. This time, nothing was wrong with the items but they had stickers on it that said "testers" and "not for resale", basically another word for testers. So I got pissed, called 4 times in a week because the 3 times it sent straight to voice mail (during working hours) and left emails about my concern that the items were testers. So 3 weeks went by and still nothing, so I emailed again...still got ignored. Well last week, I had a free minute, so I called and got an understanding agent, who refunded my money and told me they were sorry about sending testers and told me that they would send me something in the mail. I was content and hung up the phone.

Today after 2 hours of driving in the sleet and snow to go to get my car registered (long story) and was unsuccessful, I came home to a Laura Mercier box and inside were not just samples, but..........

I haven't swatched any of them, because I'm going to be re-gifting them all, but I think that Laura Mercier probably lost out on this deal, because they wanted to be fresh and send testers to their customers instead of adhering to a quality control standard and sending their customers brand new products....what a thought!
anyways, even with this package, I won't be buying from them again, because even though they tried to make it up to me, I still find it very sneaky and shady about what they did.

Thanks Laura Mercier, but just a little something a little too late.

Beauty-ful Gift Haul pictures

I was absolutely floored today to receive a medium box full of goodies. I wasn't expecting this at all, in fact, I thought my online friend was going to just send a couple of skincare and haircare samples. Boy, was I wrong, instead I opened up a box that brought me back to the feeling of being a kid ripping open a present on Christmas morning (not that we had many of those either).

I absolutely loved everything, I got samples, deluxe samples, gwp size items and even full size items. Here is a general picture, you can get the gist of just how much stuff she gave me.

So many samples from Chanel, Cle de peau, Guerlain, etc. etc.
I was actually shocked when I saw this Peter thomas roth lash serum in the box..... at a whopping $125, I couldn't believe she was that generous to give it to me!
On sephora this had 3.5 stars out of 5, so I'm going to give this a try for sure!

And then I had no idea about this Cle de peau cream,
but after doing some research, the full size jar is $1000!!!!! Holy cow, $1000 for face cream, so now I finally got to feel what a $1000 cream feels like on my face and let's just say it was like creamy silk. I'll be very sparing with this one, that's for sure!

I think this took me 2 hours to sort through everything, I had so much fun and this box came at such a good time too since I've been overwhelmed a bit with all the thing I have to do with my move.

Thank you again friend so much!

My very first Beauty Bar Haul

I know I'm banned from shopping until I move across the pond, but when this deal came up online, I had to jump on it.
The original deal was a $50 ecard to for only $25. That caught my eye, but then I sent 10 friends an invite and got an instant $10 credit, so I got a $50 ecard for $15 and I ended up buying polish with it...shocker :)

I just have to say that beautybar processed and shipped my order within 2 days - that is lightening fast in my book.

So drumroll please.......

Lippmann Boom Pow

Lippmann It's Raining Men
And last but not least,
My very first Butter London All hail the queen (the Alexander Mcqueen homage polish)

I love all three and absolutely love the smooth formula. I'll do swatches later, but I have to say that I am very impressed with the slight holographic glitter in All hail the queen. It's definitely an understated beauty, unlike the other two which are in your face, wham bam thank you man polishes.

So not bad for $15 right?