Friday, February 25, 2011

NOTD - Sally Hansens Salon Effects strips in Check It Out


Sorry I've been away for a few days. I really couldn't find the energy or mental focus to blog considering the news I got mid week. I won't know anything definite until Sunday regarding my friend, so I'm trying to keep busy and try to keep my mind busy.

So I'm packing for the biggest move of my life and I'm basically going through my stash as we speak. I finally decided to try the Sally Hansens Salon Effect strips that I bought previously.

Ok, first things first. For some odd reason I wasn't expecting the strips to smell like polish. DER - Wake up Sue!! but you definitely get a whiff when you puncture the package open.
The directions were easy, wooden stick was helpful, nail file I could live without, and the nail strips have an adhesive in the back to initially help the nail strip grip to your nails.
It was quite easy and quite fast (less than 10 minutes). I am sure I'll do it faster and better the next time around, but overall it was a great manicure and I got tons of compliments.

Would I have bought these at retail? Definitely not. But that's just me. I feel at $10-$11 a set, you are half way to a Dior and other higher end bottles. I just can't justify it, but if you have a special night out and want a flawless finish, these would be a good option. But not for everyday use.

Here is my swatch. I'm awfully camera shy, so bare with me. I hope to get better and get a better camera soon too.

So I'd love to hear from anyone who's gotten these?
Worth it? Was it easy to use?

Until next time,
Take it EZZZZ!! :)

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