Friday, February 25, 2011

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose

I'm always sooooo late in the game. I know tons of other blogs have already featured this item, but my mind has been occupied, so I just got this yesterday. My CVS sucks. They are lazy, never restock, and they hate me hahahahaha. No joke, they hate me, because one day I complained about one of the workers clipping her finger nails right on the carpet and then returning the clippers she used into the basket so an innocent customer can purchase used clippers. EWWWWWW.....
So of course I complained, so every since then, they give me dirty looks there.

But those dirty looks ain't stopping me from getting my happy booster blush!!!

Well actually my DH got this for me LOL I was at home busy and he was running to CVS, so I called him to go to the cosmetic section to find this. He was not happy, but my DH is a trooper and smart lol so he found the item and bought it.

Now this blush retails for $11.99 and at ulta $12.99. We got a $4 extra care buck from CVS, so I decided to use it.

First off, like most of the other blogs I read, they comment on the smell. It smells great. It's light, airy, fresh, and slightly sweet. It isn't overpowering, but I love the scent. I think I like the scent more than anything else :)

I couldn't get my old camera to pick up the color on my hand swatch, ughhhhh
But it is a very light pinkish shade with a slight shimmer. You can definitely build up the color, but I'll be using it as a light color on my apples.

I am actually fond of Physician Formula. It's one of those rare drugstore brands that I would purchase, but they are so expensive. For a few dollars more, I can get a higher end brand, so I always opted to buy that, but with coupons, I will definitely be buying more PF. Their powders are very soft and have a wonderful healthy glow.

Here are the action shots and what all came with the blush:

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