Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips on Clearance Haul

Hello hello!
Today my puppy was sick and wanted to swing by Petsmart to grab him some food and maybe a treat to make him feel better. So naturally my DH wanted to swing by Walmart. I hate Walmart, I hate the people, the smell, just everything. So I begrudgingly went there and went straight to the cosmetic aisle.

So anyways, the sally hansen display was bare empty, maybe one of two left, but they were completely sold out. So I decided to make towards the seasonal section to see if there was anything on clearance and I found over 20 Salon effects strips in the clearance section. Surely a mistake right? Didn't matter. I saw #240 Check it out (the houndstooth one) and I grabbed the two there, and wanted to grab one of each color, but I had to contain myself. Not all strips were there, so I took them to the counter and they rang up for $8.50 and I told the nice lady that they were in the clearance secton. She huffed and puffed - ok side note, why do people care, just give me the discount, it's not like you're pocketing this money - but she gave in and marked them at 50% off. Walmart sells these cheaper than anywhere at $8.50, and half of that was a bargain price of $4.25 for each one. I picked these up for gifts, but I'm definitely keeping the houndstooth one.

So glad I got these! Then I went home and another online friend sent me $1 coupons and I didn't see them arrive until after I bought this. Yes yes, I know it's only $1, but I could put that towards something else LOL Yes my frugalness has no end it seems :)

So enough blabbing, here are the pictures.

Here is the group picture:

Here are the side pictures, so you can see what's in the box and how it looks like from all angles.
Oh so let me mention that this packaging is such a waste. Here's my "green" rant, we shouldn't produce so much waste, but these boxes contain tiny strips and it comes in such a big box - so wasteful.

Inside the box come these tiny strips and a small file & wooden stick

It even comes with fool-proof directions (sorry about the poor image here)

and just a pet-peeve of mine, openings that don't open lol. You're going to need scissors to open these babies, even though there was an easy to peel tab.

So my apologies for no pictures on the application. I have a fabulous manicure from last nights black shatter post that I don't want to take off. But I will definitely post with swatches of the houndstooth/checkered one in a future blog!
I just wanted to get these up and to let you ladies out there to go and check your Walmart clearance aisles, because you may find these.

Happy Shopping!

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