Friday, February 25, 2011

D&G Nail Varnish in Stromboli

My DH was telling me recently - NO MORE POLISH SUE! Ok he didn't say so in so many words, but it was a look he gave me and it's not because he's mean, but because we have no more room left in our luggage bags. I do fear the worst in transporting these to England. Although I'm bubble wrapping them, what happens if they still crack open, my beautiful nail varnish will be ruined...sigh, but it's better than shipping them for sure.

So I had to get one last polish as my bon voyage from America.
D&G Stromboli is very similar to Dior Czarina Gold (which I also own), but Stromboli has an olive base to it, which makes it different for me - so I got it and I won LOL.

I wouldn't have paid $20 just for the polish, what kind of girl do you think I am? Of course I had to get something for free or discounted with it to sweeten the pot, right?

I got a free D&G Full size eyelash curler with it. I been using my shu eumura for years and not sure if it's all that, because I never tried any others, so now you got competition Shu!

Well, I didn't go wild and get $100 worth of cosmetic to score the saks beauty event gift bag with samples, but I did score a full size curler, so I think I did mighty well for $20.

Gotta make that dollar stretch, right?

So I'm happy. I found D&G packaging to be superior to Chanel and for less. Oh speaking of Chanel, The Chanel Moscou collection was available in certain Lord & Taylors and after fighting with the b*tchy sales chic at Chanel and the cost ($42.50), I didn't succumb and didn't order the Of de Russie.....which is gorgeous and I still love. So D&G Stromboli definitely fixed my craving for half the price.

Ok going back, I have to vent. Don't you hate it when these sales b*tches act rude. Don't they understand that it is YOUR money and YOUR business that is keeping THEIR dumb a$$es employed? When I called the Chanel counter at L&T, and this is how our conversation went...I sh*t you not...

SA: Chanel
Me: Hi, do you happen to have the polish Or de Russie?
SA: What?
Me: It's in the Moscou collection, the gold glitter one called OR de Russie?
SA: What's the number?
Me: Sorry I don't have the number off the top of my head, but it's the limited edition one with gold glitter
SA: I can't sell you the polish without you giving me the number
Me: I'm sorry I don't have the number, but do you mind just checking
SA: No
and that's when it gets interesting after dealing with her b*tchy attitude the entire conversation
Me: You know what? You are so freaking rude, (and a few choice words I shouldn't write here ) LOL

I know I blew my lid, but honestly she was stank, a grade A stank SA who needs to know she can't talk to customers that way.

So anyways, when I called back to speak to another SA, they told me it would cost $42.50 a bottle, so I had to stop myself. Plus the first SA already ruined the whole experience, there was no way I was spending money there and helping them keep rude SA's in business, sorry.

Ok - enough blabbing, sorry I tend to do that.

Here are the action shots....swatches soon to follow.

It quite of bit of polish they give for $20, I like that A LOT.

What's your experience with D&G varnish? Saks beauty event? rude makeup counter girls who think they are the cat's meow?

Until next time...EZ!!!!! :)


  1. SMH at the rude SA.

    I didn't know D&G make nail lacquers! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. The size and design of it almost reminds me of a perfume bottle. How's the brush application-wise?

  2. It is quite long and you get the feeling you are getting a lot of product for $20. Before I would have never dreamt of paying that much, but now Chanel polishes can go up to $30, so it's still a tad cheaper.
    I'm going to do a swatch this evening of the check back in the evening :)

  3. I bought Nuit De Russie for $60 off the Evil-Bay. I ended up not even liking it (color was too dark for me IRL) so one of my coworkers ended up adopting it.

    Can't wait to see a swatch of the D&G! I'm already seeing some colors on the website I might want to try.

  4. Nuit De Russie is gorgeous! Some Lord & Taylors has Nuit in stock, but selling out very quickly. I couldn't swallow paying $42.50 for it (shipping included), so I passed. But if this was months earlier, I would have paid $42.50 and $60 off of evil-bay :)