Friday, September 30, 2011

OPI You Don't Know Jacques Original and Suede

This has been around for a long long time. I loved it back when it came out, and I love it now.  I recently got Suede, so I wanted to show the two back to back, despite being completely different.

I love the matte texture of the Suede, so I wondered what the original would look like if they just have made it matte.  I guess it didn't fly so well on the OPI drawing board, so they added a bunch of silver glitter to the Suede version to make it look more interesting.  I personally like the matte original as well.  What do you think?

Oldie but goodie! For sure.
DH says my nails look "dirty". Men...they know nothing :p

September Favourites

This month has been an odd month. I have definitely been busy testing out new products, and haven't really had much repeat in my makeup routine; however, there are a few that I have grown to love, and a few products that I have fallen in love with again.

Here are my September Favourites:

Urban Decay's Naked Palette
This has been a cult favourite for a long long time, and rightfully so.  I've had this palette for over a year, and this month I have pulled it back out, and I'm in love with it.  Sure I'm not crazy about all the colours, but as a palette, it is a wonderful selection of neutral colours.  This can easily go from day-time to night-time and that is another great aspect of this palette.
The colours are on point for this season, and the texture is awesome beans!

Bourjois Healthy Mix in Shade 52
This is a new purchase this month, and I have raved about it in a previous review.  I love this foundation for it's lightness, great dewy coverage, and wonderful wonderful fresh scent!
It's been my go to foundation all month long.

Benefit lipstick in lady's choice Lana
This is just slightly pinker than my natural shade, so it works on my skin tone as that nude with a slight pink day time colour.  It is quite smooth and silky, and I really love it.
I've been pulling it out the most, and I'm so glad that I found a full size one, because I had the deluxe sample forever!

Julep's Nail Therapy
I recently got this in a raok package, and I love it!
This is going to sound weird, but it smells good!!! It's a nourishing base coat (I think), and not only does it dry instantly, but there is this lovely slightly sweet scent left over.   Since using this for roughly a week, my nails are not looking as dry as before :) 
Have I found my new favourite base coat?

Last but not least
Yes you will probably be tired of hearing me talk about it..

Chanel Illusions d'ombress in Illusoire
The creamy eye shadow is just AMAZING!!! Chanel - you guys did GOOD! real good!
The shimmer is so mature, exquisite, and just breathtaking.
I love this, and I need must somehow get every single colour. 
I am so happy this is not a limited edition product, because I need this in my life forever.

So these are my favourites,
What are yours this month???

Cult Nails Captivated

This is my very first Cult Nails.  A small niche company started by a former NP blogger/enthuaist.  That's pretty cool in itself.  Captivated is a densely packed glitter polish.  You either love it or hate it.   I love and admire anyone who can take a passion and run with it and start their own business out of it.  So for that alone, Cult Nails gets a A+ from me.

If you are a glitter lover, Cult Nails has many gorgeous glitters to choose from.  I use to be obsessed with glitter, but my test has been changing slightly.  I now only fancy wearing glitter if I'm going out at night. 

OK, no more are the pics of Cult Nails  Captivated over Ciate Kitten Heels.  As you can tell, the glitter is quite intense.


Blingtastic or what?

My camera hates glitter. It ends up blurring the photo, but you get an idea that it is densely packed.  I've been saving up for a new camera, just for this blog! So wish me luck so that I can provide more accurate shots of NP for you all xx

Ciate Nail Polish in Kitten Heels

This is number 036 kitten heels from Ciate.  I received this in a previous monthly beauty subscription.  I actually wish I got the mint green one, but I was happy to be able to try Ciate for the first time.  Everyone loves their bottles, because of the cute black bow.  I personally think the packaging makes the bottle look cheap.  I wish they would revamp one day in the future.  I do like the ergonomic curve of the bottle.

As for the colour, it's not my personal preference, but I can see why some might like it.  It is a classic red with gold shimmer.  On my nails it looked like an odd combo between reddish orange with remnants of a magenta in the shade.  Sadly the gorgeous gold shimmer didn't translate onto my nails as I had hope it would.

As you can see, the lack of gold on my nails is disappointing.  I just wish these bottles didn't cost £9 each, I would really like to try out some new colours, especially their new A/W collection.

So I couldn't just leave this on my nails as is, so check out my next post for what I added on top to make it SHINE!  Oh and if you're wondering why I'm posting so much today, I broke my foot, so I'm sitting here with all the time to post on my blog.

Going Out Of My Comfort Zone - Orly Cotton Candy

I joke with a few friends about how I like "ugly" polishes.  It's true. If it's delicate, pretty, and feminine, I will most likely shy away from it. I don't know why. This is very true for fashion and for polishes.  I definitely have made my stance against "girly" colours, especially Pink.  Well not all pink, I do love hot neon 80's pink, fuchsia, some forms of magenta, but baby pink...well let's just say that it has been years since I wore a form of baby pink (1998 to be exact lol).

Now this is knocking on those who love pink, this is just saying how I feel awkward in it.  Strange right? Well, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone and wear it. Why not? I mean it's just nail polish right? So I put on Orly's cotton candy.  3 coats of it, and my anxiety level sky rocketed even from the first swipe. What am I doing??? This is so not me. Well I finished the mani, and I kept staring at it. Sure it's delicate, it's pink...but what would others say? Well immediately, DH commented that he didn't like it LOL! and he asked me why I was wearing pink? He said "I thought you hated pink?". haha.  Does everyone know I hate pink? Do I make that big of a stink about pink polish?

Well I wore it for a night, and I woke up in the morning and thought my nails looked so clean and "pretty".  It was perfect for today's gorgeous morning outside.  Well folks.  It didn't even last 24 hours!  I had to take it off.   I think for me, baby pink is too closely associated with a certain look, that just isn't me.  I wear black clothes, love anything rock n roll influenced or anything flashy, neon and 80's inspired and baby pink nails just doesn't fit into any of that.

So here are my swatches.  Let me know what you think.  If you are a pink lover, speak up and tell me why you love pink so much :) I'd love to see what the other side has to say hahaha (kidding).

Oh and note to self: Never try this again :p

Here is Orly's Cotton Candy - 

So what colours wouldn't you wear?
What is outside your comfort zone?

75 FOLLOWER BLOG GIVEAWAY Sponsored by Incoco

Good morning everyone!
I'm about to pop outside for my daily walk/time with Oscar, but I wanted to relink my blog giveaway for those who haven't entered yet.


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Lots of posts today, so watch this space :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another RAOK Reveal!

That's right folks. I am having the most amazing couple of weeks. I have gotten so much mail, and it's just insane!  Today I have another reveal for you.  This is another international package full of love <3.

I have been gifted so many wonderful products, that I think I have enough review posts to last me until the end of the year (no joke!).  So another huge shout out goes to my friend who sent me this package :)

Say Hello Oscar.
He really was intrigued today with this package

As you can tell, Oscar is lost his interest once he realised none of it was edible

Awww...what's wrong Oscar?
Yes the nail polish doesn't taste like peanut butter does it?

Oh look here...shocker! Oscar is sleeping again LOL
That was fast.

Yep, my two favourite things in life side by side.
Life can't be better than this!

Ok... so onto my reveal.

 TA DAH.........My GOODIES

* Befine Exoliating Cleanser
*   Juice Organics Vitamin Antioxidant Serum

* Chanel Illusions D'ombress in Epatant
* Urban Decay Lush Lash System
* Bare Escentuals Prime Time face & eyelid primer sample
* Laura Mercier cake eyeliner in Bleu Marine
* Smashbox Waterproof eyeshadow Palette (lab sample)
* Smashbox eye base/highlighter (lab sample)
* Stila eyeshadow depot in Shore
* Smashbox Double Exposure Lip & Cheek Color in Speedracer
* Smashbox Eye Shadow Palette in Hot Date
* Smashbox Trendsetter double cream eyeshadow stick 
* Smashbox Jet Set gel eyeliner in Midnight Black
* Smashbox lip enhancing gloss in hype, pixel, and debut
* Smashbox limitless long wear lip gloss spf 15 in everlasting
* Smashbox color zoom liquid lipstick in glam
* Smashbox baked blush & loose shimmer in candlelit

Nail Polish:
OPI - Lighten up your two pence, Glow up Already, Don't wine..yukon do it!, You don't know jacques suede, SOPI - Untarnished
* No Miss - Davie Denim, Seaside Sapphire, Redington Russet, Captiva Coffee
* Milani - Dressmaker
Verity - G11 and G14
* China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic
* Nubar - Dark Castle
* Chanel - Mimosa
* Cult Beauty - gotta research the name of this shade :)

NARS - Yachiyo Brush (is it Christmas already? OMG! I've been wanting this forever!)
Perfume samples: Tokidoki sample, Fresh brown sugar, Fresh citron de vigne, and Serge Lutens Nuit de cellophane

There are loads of new brands here for me to try.
I am making a schedule tonight on what I'm going to review for the remainder of the year. 

I have been so blessed with such wonderful beauty obsessed friends!  Thank you all, this blog wouldn't be as rich without you guys and your generosity!!! 

If you see something that you'd like to be reviewed, please comment below, and I'll work it into the review schedule.

So I'm off to play with my new goodies, and going to find a way to organize all the new products that I was gifted these last 2 weeks. DH is definitely not happy. He feels like he lives in a cosmetic factory LOL. I quite like living in a "cosmetic factory" ;)

Until next time, take care xx

SpaRitual Sacred Ground

Hello lovely people!
I have been toiling with taking good photos of this manicure all week, but I wanted to get a swatch up and a huge THANK YOU to my forum/shopping buddy :) xx

This nail polish is just stunning.  You are looking at a grey base with purple, silver, gold and blue micro glitters to create this multidimensional polish in the sunlight.  I was in love when I first saw it online, and I'm in love with it even more now that I was gifted it!

I promise to get some proper pictures up, but for now, here is a quick swatch.
(eck, don't mind my cuticles!!! good lord, where's my cuticle oil! lol)

I love the formula
Smooth easy application
Opaque in 2 coats
Just a really well made polish!

So hope everyone is having a good hump day!
I wanted to bring attention to the tab up on the top of my page called 
It's where I put all the good deals that come into my inbox.  Well not all of them, but the deals that I think will save you all some money :) So check it out often.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Models Own The Beetlejuice Collection

 I hate bugs, and I hated that movie Beetlejuice, BUT I love this new Models own collection!

The following information was taken directly from their facebook page...

"NEW from Models Own and launching this November - The BEETLEJUICE Collection! Consists of FIVE new multi-tonal shades - GOLDEN GREEN, a fresh energetic acid; PINKY BROWN, a warm rusty pink; PURPLE BLUE, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo; AQUA VIOLET, a true sky shimmer; and EMERALD BLACK, a bold-blackened midnight peacock! Each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed into one gleaming shade, and the complex colour-shifting, with flashes of vivid tones and ethereal hues, gives a shimmering duo chrome finish. Priced at just £5 each and available early November exclusively at our website. "

Images taken from Models Own facebook page

I am in love with them all!!! Seriously, duo-chrome mania is about to spill into the UK once Models Own launches this!   I am so happy to have moved to a country that loves nail effects and art. Sure the UK got the crackle mania a little bit later, but there is just an abundance of flashy, fancy, hot nail art in this country. We have Sophy Robson, Wah Nails, Nails Inc (with their new magnetic polishes), Models Own with this new range, and the countless other brands that embraced the shatter/crackle effect.  Oh!! and of course the Makeup Store's amazing holographic polishes.  I swear, I'm can I not do more nail art!  This of course isn't a diss to non-brits, I'm just saying that I find women more daring on this side of the ocean.  Just my observation, that's all :)

Ciate AW 11 Collection

Ciate is a new brand for me, and I've been watching them ever since I saw their bottles in Debenhams. I'm not a huge fan for their bottles, but their formula is very very nice.  I wanted to share with you all their new collection if you haven't seen it already.

Tweet and Tails is my favourite!

Which one is yours?

To purchase, visit their website
RRP £9

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NARS Zulu vs. MAC Beyond Jealous

I'm a green mood today, but not like a happy mint green mood, but like a dark and mysterious looking green.  So I pulled out my MAC Beyond Jealous.  I remember finding this at a CCO and instantly being pulled towards it.  It's a dark forest/hunter green, and at night it would look black basically.  As I was looking for this, I remembered that my friend gave me her NARS Zulu. 

I thought to myself? Geez, they are pretty similar...wait a minute, dupes? At first glance they are, but of course if you scrutinize every polish the way I do, dupes occur very few and far.  So let's examine, shall we?

Blasted with camera flash

So in the bottle, you can tell that the MAC has a bit more grey to it, where as the NARS has a bit more blue to it, making these not exactly dupes. Now onto the swatches...

Can you tell the difference here?
Let's play a game (haha). Which fingers have NARS Zulu on it? and which one has the MAC Beyond Jealous on it?

Any guesses yet?
I'll give you a clue:
Thumb, middle and pinky is one colour
and the index and ring is another

The Answer is..

Thumb, middle and pinky is MAC Beyond Jealous
and the index and ring is the NARS

Maybe I need new contacts, but to me they looks very close when applied.  I like them both a lot, and I like how quickly they dried as well. Major bonus points there!  I'm going to search for a high street version of this polish, because I'm really feeling this tone of dark shade.

What do you think? Modern? or passe?

Julep Nail Polish in Olivia

I got my first Julep polishes today from my awesome friend.  I tried Olivia first, because it's a colour that I normally wouldn't have purchased for myself.  I'm glad that I did however.  I was impressed with Julep's packaging. For some reason, I thought it was going to be much smaller than they were.  Also, I like the tall bottles over the typical nail polish bottle shape.  I had no issues with application, and I got a clean nice finish with 2 coats.

I don't own any colour in my collection like this, so this is staying. 

A brown creme is not what I would wear on it's own, so I had to bling it up a bit.

I applied Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me on top.

Overall, I like this brand and their polishes.  I'm a bit upset for them that Zoya is suing them, but I guess in the world of business, there is nothing called being fair and playing nice.
I hope that Julep can survive this, and continue to make their nail polishes.

On another note, I found out that a friend from a forum has a polish coming out in her namesake from Julep. How cool is that!!! I need to somehow get that one, just because she's awesome.

Sorry this is a short post, I didn't realise the time, and I'm ready to pass out, and Oscar says goodnight too  xx

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Surprise

I'm a bit speechless. Yes, I know that doesn't help when I'm suppose to be writing, but this package has left me speechless, because it really was unexpected.  
What a wonderful Monday morning surprise it was indeed. So since I'm just in shock, I'm going to post pictures lol!

From Left to Right:
OPI - Black Cherry Chutney
Orly - Wandering Vine (my answer to not having Illamasqua's Rampage)
Zoya - Indigo
Butter London - Henley Regetta

Zoya Indigo swatch & the part of the Julep bottle that I actually like.
That's right, I said Julep!
My friend had mercy on the fact that I can't get Julep here in the UK, and was nice enough to send me a Julep Maven box!!

From Left to Right:
Julep Hand scrub
Nail Prep

Thumb: OPI Black Cherry Chutney
Index: Orly Wandering Vine
Middle:  Julep Miranda
Ring:  Julep Olivia
Pinky: Henley Regetta

I actually tried this scrub as soon as I got it.  The apricot inside the scrub really helps with the exfoliating process.  It also left my hands feeling very smooth afterwards.  I think this is quite luxurious, but necessary.  I also tried the lotion sample, and unfortunately nothing stuck out to me, but it did keep my arms moisturized all day long (I used it both on my hands and arms). 
I'm a very scent oriented person, so I was disappointed that the scrub didn't have a scent to it, but that's a good thing for those who are sensitive to scents.  I wish it smelled like apricots, but it doesn't really matter, since the actual scrub is quite good!

 Now .....
You READY?????


Stripping it off slowly....

The Hayden Harnett Ramone Two Tone Bracelet!!!!!!!

 Can you tell I'm excited?!?!?!
This is so on point with what I would buy for myself!
The construction is sturdy.  The whole entire bracelet is just fierce!
Absolutely adore this, and I adore my friend who sent this to me today !!
Huge Hugs Hun!!!

I will be posting up a review and swatches of Julep's Olivia shortly.
So watch this space!!

My homemade version of Chanel's Graphite meets Quartz Nail Polish

Last night I was cleaning up my makeup counters, and I pulled out my MAC pigments.  It seems like another lifetime when I was obsessed with MAC pigments, and now they sit there depotted and collecting dust.  So I took my pigments, and made a nail polish.  I did not make it with the intention of making it a Chanel graphite and quartz dupe, but when I applied it, I knew that I made a really lovely colour.  I'm not trying to brag, it was all by chance.  I hope you enjoy this polish that I made out of mixing MAC pigments.

Graphite on index finger

Graphite on index finger

My camera did not pick up the tiny tiny micro glitters that make this gritty metallic colour.  Just like Graphite, it's not just a solid colour, but consists of all different glitter that is unseen unless you stare at it in the sun.  The bronze/gold/beige shade that I made has the same consistency, and overall gritty metallic look as graphite.   It was thick to apply, but I can fix that.

What do you think of this new polish I made??

Sleek MakeUP Pop Up Shop at Westfield Stratford City

Sleek has now opened up their shop at Westfield Stratford City, and is offering several promotions.  Please see the details below.  I think that this is worth checking out if you're in the area.  Also, Kiko has opened up their doors at Westfields as well! How exciting is that.


I haven't been to the new Westfields yet. Has anyone gone yet?
Is it better than the other one?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

MeMeMe Cleopatra Nail Polish

I do love dark polish, and I love polish with a little something when the light catches it.
MeMeMe nail polish in Cleopatra is exactly that.
I got this for 50p in a clearance rack, and I wish they had more to give to all my friends, because it's just really cool.

It has a dark black base with duochrome glitter (teal and purple).

This is another new brand for me.  The bottle says that this nail polish has biotin in it. So that's also another good quality about this polish. I know MeMeMe is sold at Superdrugs, but my Superdrugs is crap, and doesn't have anything good.  Check your poundland clearance bin to pick this up for only 50p.  It's a rich complex colour and well worth a lot more than what I picked it up for.

Simple Kind to Hair Gentle Care Conditioner

About a month ago, I joined the Simple VIP program. So since then, I've been looking for Simple products that I could test out.  It's quite annoying how the prices vary so much depending on where you get it, so out of frustration I said screw all that, and I grabbed this hair conditioner at poundland.  I mean it's a pound, and if I hated it then it wouldn't bother me.  This is well worth a pound and more!

This is fragrance free and my hair feels so soft.  It doesn't do anything for the volume, but I naturally have flat fine hair.  I'm just so pleased with the results that I decided to blog about.  Simple is available almost everywhere, but for me this is a new product.  

The pros to this conditioner is that it contains:

1. Pro-vitamin B-5
2.  Calendula, Chamomile, Geranium all for conditioning, softening and regenerating
3.  no perfume or colour

And while I was reading Cosmo, I saw that the Simple Skincare Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes (£2.99) won the "Readers' Kiss of Approval Ultimate Cleansing Wipes".  So that will be the next Simple product for me to use.
If you are interested in joining the Simple VIP program, drop me an email at

Until next time, take it ez :) xx

Grey Nail Polish Comparison

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about Dior Gris Montiagne, and a couple of people said they loved it, but the price was too steep.  Well, I'm a grey polish lover, so I pulled out the other greys that I had and did a comparison swap.  Although, I didn't have a dupe for the Dior, the others were definitely in the same colour family and pretty close. 

Dior Gris Montaigne, No 7 Grey Skies, Barry M Grey, Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy

Of course I forgot one, because right now all my nail polishes are hidden inside a drawer, but luckily I remembered I had this one.  So another close one, but still no dupe.
Models Own Grey Day

I'm glad I did this comparison post for many reasons.  First, I can show this to DH and show him how different my grey polishes are, because I'm tired of hearing him say, "You already have a grey nail polish" LOL. Lastly, because this makes me feel better about spending the money that I did on the Dior LOL xx

Which one do you guys like the best?
Also, did you know I'm hosting a blog giveaway that is sponsored by Incoco?
You can find all the details at

Take care everyone xx