Friday, September 30, 2011

September Favourites

This month has been an odd month. I have definitely been busy testing out new products, and haven't really had much repeat in my makeup routine; however, there are a few that I have grown to love, and a few products that I have fallen in love with again.

Here are my September Favourites:

Urban Decay's Naked Palette
This has been a cult favourite for a long long time, and rightfully so.  I've had this palette for over a year, and this month I have pulled it back out, and I'm in love with it.  Sure I'm not crazy about all the colours, but as a palette, it is a wonderful selection of neutral colours.  This can easily go from day-time to night-time and that is another great aspect of this palette.
The colours are on point for this season, and the texture is awesome beans!

Bourjois Healthy Mix in Shade 52
This is a new purchase this month, and I have raved about it in a previous review.  I love this foundation for it's lightness, great dewy coverage, and wonderful wonderful fresh scent!
It's been my go to foundation all month long.

Benefit lipstick in lady's choice Lana
This is just slightly pinker than my natural shade, so it works on my skin tone as that nude with a slight pink day time colour.  It is quite smooth and silky, and I really love it.
I've been pulling it out the most, and I'm so glad that I found a full size one, because I had the deluxe sample forever!

Julep's Nail Therapy
I recently got this in a raok package, and I love it!
This is going to sound weird, but it smells good!!! It's a nourishing base coat (I think), and not only does it dry instantly, but there is this lovely slightly sweet scent left over.   Since using this for roughly a week, my nails are not looking as dry as before :) 
Have I found my new favourite base coat?

Last but not least
Yes you will probably be tired of hearing me talk about it..

Chanel Illusions d'ombress in Illusoire
The creamy eye shadow is just AMAZING!!! Chanel - you guys did GOOD! real good!
The shimmer is so mature, exquisite, and just breathtaking.
I love this, and I need must somehow get every single colour. 
I am so happy this is not a limited edition product, because I need this in my life forever.

So these are my favourites,
What are yours this month???

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