Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shoe lovers unite

It is true...I once had an addiction to shoes. It was bad, it consumed me. Well my shoe habit has been maintained, but it's not gone completely.  I only moved onto an obsession with beauty products.  It is cheaper, but I still love a pair of fierce shoes.

After speaking with another blogger, she convinced me that that I should do a shoe post.  
I wanted to share some of my favourite pairs of shoes with you.  I know this is a beauty blog, but what girl doesn't love shoes?

So onto the show and tell...

Jeffrey Campbell - Clinics
These are my shoes when I know I'm out on the town and on my feet all night long. They are so comfortable and the wedge heel on these are killer!

My 30th birthday Chanel present to myself 

Christian Louboutin Scissor Girls 
One of the 7 pairs of designer shoes that I won in Las Vegas
Lovely shoes with lovely memories

Christian Louboutin
I'm not even sure what these are called
I just love the art deco style to these
They are a size too small for me, but I still squeeze myself in them

Christian Dior Extreme Sandals
Yes one pair wasn't enough, I had to get two.
I blame sex in the city for making me broke for a month while I purchased these!

Miu Miu Sparrow
Not every ones cup of tea, but there is something mod, quirky, and feminine about these
I just need a navy blue military fitted jacket, and my outfit is set!

YSL Tribue Sandals
You know....I have yet to actually wear these anywhere, but I love them.
I stare at them, I like how the grey flannel makes it look almost casual.
They are so comfortable considering the stilettos on these babies.

The one difference between collecting shoes and collecting beauty products for me is that there are stories behind each of these shoes.  There are memories connected to them unlike beauty products.  I still get the same thrill and excitement, but there is just something about shoes that will always have me running back to them.

It has been a long time since I bought a new pair of shoes, considering my current financial state, I just can't seem to allow myself to splurge on a pair of shoes.  Which is mainly how I got into collecting beauty products anyways. I will say that I  have been looking for a pair of knee high black leather boots. That has been my staple pair of shoes since 2000, and I don't have one anymore and there is a void that I need to fill.  
Flat? Wedge? Leather? I dunno exactly what style, but I know when I see it, I'll know I want it.

Any shoe suggestions???


  1. OMG! This is like every girl's dream. You have most of the top designer brands sitting there on your shelf! Gorgeous shoes! I want to steal them all!
    I'm not sure how you feel about shoes from the high street, but I like New Look, myself. I've got like 5 pairs from them! Not the best quality, but so many choices!

  2. For me, it's not about brand name, it's about the quality. Whether it's high street or haute couture, I touch it, if I know it will last me awhile, I'll think about making the investment. Like my Jeffrey campbells are considered high street, and they are made so well! Glad you liked the post xx

  3. I. Am. Drooling. I love every single pair!