Saturday, September 10, 2011

Strangebeautiful Nail Polish

I always appreciate a deep thought out execution behind any makeup brand.  The general consensus is that anything beauty related is shallow, but it's not true. There is a true art behind some of the leading brands. Illamasqua for one always has a theatrical, and deeply provocative concept behind all their releases.  In that same light, Strangebeautiful, not only lives up to their name, but really has a lot of thought into each of the colour volumes.  I always tell my friends that if it's "ugly" I'll like it, so when something has a name like strangebeautiful, it will obviously catch my attention.  When there is so much thought into it, then isn't it art? Whether you hang it on the wall, or wear it on your nails, if it expresses your mood and conceptual thinking, then it's definitely art.  

I love the minimal packaging of these volumes.  If you want to read further about the influences behind each volume, you can read more about this brand at

Now onto the nail porn... 







I am in love with the Library of Camo, Volume 2, 3, and 5.  Highly limited edition 
so if you like, don't sleep on these or you might miss out.

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