Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chanel Illusions D'ombres in Illusoire

I have been conserving this eye shadow since I bought it a couple of months ago.  If you are reading this review to see if it's worth the money or not, I can not recommend another product anymore than I recommend this one.  This product is a gorgeous creamy eye shadow shimmer cream that can be blended for a light shimmery wash or built for an intense eye colour.   It comes in a large pot with a travel size brush.  I prefer to use my fingers actually.  Partially because I love the feel of the eye shadow.  

 The micro glitter on this eyeshadow is just immense and very mature. 
Don't be afraid of this eyeshadow if you are the type of girl who doesn't like glitter, because it is done in such a way where it gives you the right amount of shimmer without looking like you're 12.  It is also suitable for day or night, because of the ability to build the intensity. So it's really a superb versatile eye colour.  

I got so many compliments when I wore these, which rarely happens, so it must not just be me that absolutely loves the look of these.  I can't wait for Christmas where I'm going to pick up some more.

These are £22.50 each 
I was happy to have saved up my Debenhams points, and ended up paying only £2.50.
So sometimes it pays to shop there :)

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