Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grey Nail Polish Comparison

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about Dior Gris Montiagne, and a couple of people said they loved it, but the price was too steep.  Well, I'm a grey polish lover, so I pulled out the other greys that I had and did a comparison swap.  Although, I didn't have a dupe for the Dior, the others were definitely in the same colour family and pretty close. 

Dior Gris Montaigne, No 7 Grey Skies, Barry M Grey, Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy

Of course I forgot one, because right now all my nail polishes are hidden inside a drawer, but luckily I remembered I had this one.  So another close one, but still no dupe.
Models Own Grey Day

I'm glad I did this comparison post for many reasons.  First, I can show this to DH and show him how different my grey polishes are, because I'm tired of hearing him say, "You already have a grey nail polish" LOL. Lastly, because this makes me feel better about spending the money that I did on the Dior LOL xx

Which one do you guys like the best?
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Take care everyone xx


  1. Wait you asking me to pick a favorite grey? Not going to happen. I'm a sucker for grey nail polish. I couldn't choose a favorite. I do love the formula of the dior, though.

  2. haha, true true, it is hard to pick and yes the Dior is very very nice!