Saturday, September 17, 2011

Banter of a Bored Beauty Blogger

Hi lovely people.
I've been on the go the last 2 days, so I haven't been able to blog, let alone even go online.  So now that I'm done what I had to do, I'm trying to wind down and finding myself extremely bored lol. When I get bored, I talk non stop lol!!
I'm going to warn you that this is one of those posts where I'm just going to ramble, mumble, groan, moan about everything and anything that has stuck out to me in the last couple of days that I've been offline and away from my blog. haha. So if you aren't interested, click below to another post :)

Ok so I warned you :p

I was flipping through the free Superdrug beauty magazine (highly recommend picking it up), I noticed this......
Ok now seriously people.  For heaven's sake. What in the world does this little boy know anything about perfume? let alone nail polish, heck let alone music.  I'm sorry but this is marketing at it's worst, and this is why I don't trust the pop music industry, because they want to pawn off anyone onto different industries just to make money.  HAHA. Don't know why this one got me all fired up, but I'm sorry I won't be taking any fashion leads from the little boy or his team.
To balance my complete shock from that, I did happen to see something that was interesting.
The new Sleek collection - nude, demure, could be worth a look.
What do you all think of this?

And last but definitely not least, Superdrugs is having a promotion already on the BB Cream.  For those who have never used BB Cream, this BB Cream by Garnier is slightly different than the Asian BB Creams.  It is fresh/fruity scented, and has a more prevalent glow/shimmer.  I personally really like this.  If you have £8 to swing, try this BB Cream, before investing the more expensive ones. 
And you get an extra 25 bonus points too :)

Then I popped over to Boots as per usual (and 2 hrs later popped out lol), and saw this Revlon nail polish.  It looks like a wannabe Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance.  I use that term wannabe in a nice way however :)  Black base with purple hexagon and small to large glitters.  NICE!  Here is the gorgeous Facets of Fuschia. 

Just found out that there is a £2 off Revlon right now, so with the 3 for 2 sale making it a much better bargain (£6.49 rrp) that just made my mind up! I just wonder why I didn't get one last time I was there. Strange. I must go back in and investigate!!! :)

I also got the new Burberry Body perfume in the mail today.  It isn't the usual scent I go for, but it didn't "offend" my nose either.  It is a delicate, but warm scent.  I usually like fresh, slightly fruity/citrusy, "blue/water" based scents, but this one is quite understated sexy.
If you want a sample, you can go to their facebook page and follow the instructions there.

You can also go to the lancome facebook page and follow the instructions to pick up a free Lancome Visionnaire serum as well.  I had mine sent to my iphone, and showed it to them at the counter and it worked just as well.
Also on the 21st of this month, stop by your local YSL counter.  They will be giving out a sample of their mascara. I will be going to my local Debenhams to pick mine up and to also try out the Black Collection.  
YSL - Black Collection Nail Vernis

While I was at Debenhams recently with a friend, she picked up the Lancome #29 nail polish.  It is part of their new range.  I am not going to bother to do a whole post on it, but of course I tested it out.  I did the usual base coat, 2 coats, and seche vite topcoat. The gorgeous copper flecks inside the inky black base was stunning on the display.  My friend who usually doesn't buy expensive polish, fell in love and bought it immediately.  I'm here to tell you all to SAVE YOUR MONEY.  It is gorgeous to look at, but on your nails it is just a bumpy plain black polish.  You can barely see the golden/copper flakes (even in direct sunlight).  So I felt it was a completely waste of money.  

Speaking of "freebies", you all know I'm a sucker for free goods, but lately I've been obsessed with this extreme couponing lol.  
I'm not as into it as some are, but I can feel that rush of getting freebies, and none better to learn from then the people from my new favourite website
 Check out their beauty deal page, there are a lot of freebies going on right now.
Speaking of freebies. What is up with the magazines this month?? There isn't anything other than a tote bag for free this month. What gives?  I feel completely obsessed with my monthly magazine freebies, that I feel so empty without them this month.

And here's Oscar to tell you all he missed you guys xx
woof woof!

OK if you guys made it to the end of this post, then you are a trooper and you actually like reading what I write LOL
Write the words "GIVE ME MORE T&O" in my comments below, and I will pick one person to receive a mystery surprise package during the upcoming holidays :) xx


  1. Even if it smelt nice, I think I'd be rather embarassed to be wearing a perfume by Justin Bieber! Best leave this one to the pre-teens ;)

  2. Exactly! lol even pre-teens shouldn't wear it, he's not a fashion icon lol

  3. arghhh, i want the new sleek collection too...
    woof woof oscar, you're a cutie! ♥

  4. Give me more Oscar! What a babe.

    Oh and you're pretty cool too Sue. :P

  5. GIVE ME MORE T&O! Nothing better than a post with a goggie at the end!


    Ughhhh, Justin Bieber. Ughhh.

  7. GIVE ME MORE T&O and more pics of your cutie Oscar!!!

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