Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zoya Neeka and Zoya Marina

When I saw the Smoke & Mirrors Collection, my heart skipped a little beat. I purchased these during a previous promotion, and I really regret not getting Yara, but these will have to do.
Zoya is currently suing Julep for trademark infringement.  Whenever a larger company goes after a smaller company for whatever reason, I get really turned off.  Call me an advocate for the underdog, but I personally believe the lawsuit is absurd.  I still haven't determined if I will continue to support Zoya, but I want to show you the two polishes that have come a long way to make it to me thanks to my nail polish buddy from the states :)

Marina, Neeka

First up is 


I do love the colours, formula, and application, but sadly just feeling a little let down by the way they run their business.  I'm sad to say that they are now on my list of bully companies along with Ginger & Liz and Glossybox.

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