Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog Award

The adorable Kayleigh over at http://kgjbeauty.blogspot.com/ sent me this award.   I was really delighted that someone actually read my blog, let alone even put me as a blog that they go to :)

This award is basically given to blogs with under 200 followers (that's moi!), and you're suppose to nominate 5 more, so here are my 5 nominations.  

For many reasons, I picked these 5 to nominate.
So check them out, they are really informative and I blame them for always being broke haha!

Please remember to:
* Post this on your blog.
* Choose five bloggers you want to give it to & comment on a post letting them know you have chosen them.
* Show thanks to the person who gave you the award by linking it back to them.


  1. Oh my! Thank you ever so much! x

  2. At least 2 of those blogs are the reason I'm broke too. LOL That and your blog.