Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Trolls attack ...

I never thought that I would be in a situation such as this.  Over a year ago, I reviewed a salon visit and the review was negative as I honestly had one of the worst services ever.  Since publishing that review, I have gotten nasty anonymous comments.  I published one and responded, but never got a response back.  Then just tonight, I got a racist comment awaiting me when I came home.

Does this sound like a disgruntled employee? or the works of a Troll?

I don't want to jump the gun and say it is the actual owner of the salon nor it's members, but the comments seem invested into that business to defend them with such vigor.

Racist attacks will not be tolerated. So I am publicly logging this on my blog for everyone to see.  If this harassment continues, I will be seeing a solicitor and the police.

Here is the blog post which I updated so you can all see what sort of response I received from this company and/or Troll.


I'd like to add that I know that many people face trolls on their blog. I shutter to think of what kind of messages that big bloggers face. I don't take lightly to harassment via website as I definitely wouldn't accept it in real life, so I have put a tracker on my blog so that I can see where visit hits are coming from. I highly recommend every blogger doing this as well.

Update as of 23-9-13
The new owner of the salon has contacted me today via email letting me know that it was not anyone from the salon that had left those comments. I did respond to him and told him that I appreciated his email.  I also stated that just as I can not be 100% sure that it was an employee that he couldn't be 100% sure that it wasn't. Who would admit to their new boss of such horrid behavior?  Having said that, I am happy to announce that the salon is under new management, so there is hope that this salon will turn over a new leaf, improve their customer service and be thriving in a town where we need high end salons such as theirs.   Based on the professional email that I received, I have a feeling that there is hope for this salon.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Born Pretty Gold Nail Studs and S10 Stamper Set NOTD

Hi lovelies!

Born Pretty sent me some more awesome things to try and I had loads of fun! The first one I have to show you are these gold square studs


You know how much I love metalworks and studs, so I popped these babies on and I got compliments all day long.  They were super easy to use. Two coats of polish then I put these bad boys on and then topped off the whole nail with Poshe topcoat.  It lasted all day long without falling off too!

This is actually the photo at the end of the night. Aren't they bling-tastic? I loved them so much!

These studs were only $5.84 for a full bag, so I'll be getting loads of manicures out of this bag.

The day after I was so eager to try something else that I took these off and I tried stamping for the first time in years.  I'm not perfect at it yet, but it was really easy to use.  I bought Konad when they first came out and I was awful at it that I sold my konad set.  So this is my first attempt since my initial failure. I was quite pleased with all easy it was to use.  

Stamp set S10 was only 99 cent! Can you believe how cheap that is!

These are my goodies! The anchor water decals will be the next NOTD that I will be blogging about. I like how the plates come with a protective cover.

Plate s10

Yes I'm such a child, I really enjoyed stamping my nails with this plate. I used two colours but interchanged them on different hands to give myself an up to date look.

Eck! My cuticles need some TLC - Time to get my Lush Lemony flutter out

I also used the stamper and scraper that only cost $2.03. It worked just as good as the Konad and I'm very pleased that it was so effective as well as being cost effective.

Overall, I'm very pleased with these items and I can't wait to get better at stamping and do better designs on my nails.

If you like these and want to grab yourself some, you can use code: SUEG10 to get 10% off http://www.bornprettystore.com

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation 20 Beige Review

My quest for that perfect foundation still continues. When Debenhams was having a sale, I used my card points and bought the Vitalumiere aqua foundation.  I heard negative reviews, but when Lisa Eldridge spoke about it on her blog, I knew I had to try it.  I quite like Lisa's videos as she has loads of experience with makeup application and can give an unbias opinion as she's using products on all different skin types and not just hers.  The best advice that I took away from her videos was to work in thin layers and build on colour.  I realized that I was doing the complete opposite, so I went for Vitalumiere aqua to give myself that dewy natural coverage.

 The consistency is watery and I didn't think that it would give me enough coverage, but as you can see in the next photo, it blended in beautifully.  It gave me that natural and moist/dewy coverage that I needed and wanted all along.

The coverage is very natural and light.  I find myself applying 3 thin layers on my face to cover my scars and other imperfections.  3 layers isn't that bad. I use to put on 1 thick layer of my other foundations and I still needed concealer.   If you have lots of acne scaring and you want full coverage, this foundation is obviously not for you, but for me this is a great day time coverage.

I use my fingers to blend this foundation in and I love how easily it glides on my skin.  It almost feels like I'm applying a tinted moisturiser on.  So far, I've enjoyed using Vitalumiere aqua and I will most likely repurchase this and use it on the days that I'm looking for light moisturised coverage.  Gone are the days where I'm looking for a flawless porcelain skin. Sometimes, you want to give your skin some breathing space and this foundation does just that.  It covers enough so that I'm not feeling self-conscious about my skin, but light enough to let my skin breathe and naturally shine.  It also has spf 15 so there is some protection as well (which is very important).

This foundation has Lotus Water and Brown Seaweed Extract which helps with toning and energizing your face.  I believe it as my skin does give a slight radiant glow.  Who doesn't want to glow right?

£31 at your local Chanel counter, Boots, Debenhams and anywhere else that sells Chanel.

Is it worth £31 ? Well that's up to you and your skin needs. If you are like me and desire that natural glow then this is worth it, but for those who like fuller coverage, this may not be your cup of tea.

Have you tried this? What do you think of it?

Update: Glastonbury, work, health, etc. etc.

Time just flies by so fast and then you realize you haven't blogged in almost a couple of weeks. The last time I left, I was telling you all about my trip to Glastonbury.  The journey was amazing. The car ride down with friends, to the little village we stopped off for dinner, to the windy and very narrow car path to Glastonbury, and passing by Stonehenge - all of it was just amazing.  It was an exhilarating trip. I felt so alive and had a blast.  I didn't get a chance to take too many photos as I was really engrossed in the moment, but it was just magical.  We stayed for roughly 4-5 hours and danced and just enjoyed the atmosphere.  

Stonehenge at dawn - AMAZING!
The photos that I did manage to get were the amazing buildings that were built for the shows.  The amount of work and artistry that went into these buildings were just amazing. I can see why everyone goes to Glastonbury.

The venue that DH played

I ended up changing my outfit at the last minute and I didn't even need wellies this year as the night sky was beautiful and dry. The weather was perfect and the music was so amazing in open air.  I hope to return next year again.

Work has been so busy and eventful, literally filled with events. I'm exhausted and my last two days off of work has consisted of sleep and vegging about. I can't seem to shake this horrible cough/cold/hayfever/asthma and it's wearing me down, but I'm home so I definitely had to take this chance to blog and update everyone on what's been happening with me.

I have some good stuff to blog about as well, so keep it locked xx