Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Trolls attack ...

I never thought that I would be in a situation such as this.  Over a year ago, I reviewed a salon visit and the review was negative as I honestly had one of the worst services ever.  Since publishing that review, I have gotten nasty anonymous comments.  I published one and responded, but never got a response back.  Then just tonight, I got a racist comment awaiting me when I came home.

Does this sound like a disgruntled employee? or the works of a Troll?

I don't want to jump the gun and say it is the actual owner of the salon nor it's members, but the comments seem invested into that business to defend them with such vigor.

Racist attacks will not be tolerated. So I am publicly logging this on my blog for everyone to see.  If this harassment continues, I will be seeing a solicitor and the police.

Here is the blog post which I updated so you can all see what sort of response I received from this company and/or Troll.


I'd like to add that I know that many people face trolls on their blog. I shutter to think of what kind of messages that big bloggers face. I don't take lightly to harassment via website as I definitely wouldn't accept it in real life, so I have put a tracker on my blog so that I can see where visit hits are coming from. I highly recommend every blogger doing this as well.

Update as of 23-9-13
The new owner of the salon has contacted me today via email letting me know that it was not anyone from the salon that had left those comments. I did respond to him and told him that I appreciated his email.  I also stated that just as I can not be 100% sure that it was an employee that he couldn't be 100% sure that it wasn't. Who would admit to their new boss of such horrid behavior?  Having said that, I am happy to announce that the salon is under new management, so there is hope that this salon will turn over a new leaf, improve their customer service and be thriving in a town where we need high end salons such as theirs.   Based on the professional email that I received, I have a feeling that there is hope for this salon.

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