Friday, July 12, 2013

Update: Glastonbury, work, health, etc. etc.

Time just flies by so fast and then you realize you haven't blogged in almost a couple of weeks. The last time I left, I was telling you all about my trip to Glastonbury.  The journey was amazing. The car ride down with friends, to the little village we stopped off for dinner, to the windy and very narrow car path to Glastonbury, and passing by Stonehenge - all of it was just amazing.  It was an exhilarating trip. I felt so alive and had a blast.  I didn't get a chance to take too many photos as I was really engrossed in the moment, but it was just magical.  We stayed for roughly 4-5 hours and danced and just enjoyed the atmosphere.  

Stonehenge at dawn - AMAZING!
The photos that I did manage to get were the amazing buildings that were built for the shows.  The amount of work and artistry that went into these buildings were just amazing. I can see why everyone goes to Glastonbury.

The venue that DH played

I ended up changing my outfit at the last minute and I didn't even need wellies this year as the night sky was beautiful and dry. The weather was perfect and the music was so amazing in open air.  I hope to return next year again.

Work has been so busy and eventful, literally filled with events. I'm exhausted and my last two days off of work has consisted of sleep and vegging about. I can't seem to shake this horrible cough/cold/hayfever/asthma and it's wearing me down, but I'm home so I definitely had to take this chance to blog and update everyone on what's been happening with me.

I have some good stuff to blog about as well, so keep it locked xx

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  1. amazing photos! perhaps next time in the UK i will get to stonehenge.