Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Swap Haul For June

My DH is looking at me and giving me this face, because he thinks that the products surrounding me are products that I purchased.  I quickly put him out of his misery and told him that they were all swaps, so he leaves the room.  Why do men not understand our obsession? Well I guess it's in the same manner that I don't understand his electronics or dvd obsession.  I can't begin to tell you how happy I am about swapping again.  It's been way too long, and it really has saved me so much money, and I will continue to swap until I have swapped out everything on my swaplist.  For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm talking about makeupalley right now.  I've also met a lot of nice English girls on there as well, so overall it's been a great experience.  Now onto the haul reveal!

* Mac false eyelashes - These are the older packaging, but since it's not makeup, it doesn't matter.  I love falsies for when I go out, so I can never get enough

* Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 11 -
 Ok, I am a freaking idiot. When I agreed to swap for this, I must have looked at the wrong swatch, because I thought it would be my colour, obviously it is not.  It is for dark skinned girls, so that was clearly a dumb mistake on my part, but I did find a very clever way to use this.  I have placed 2 drops in my face lotion and have created a tinted moisturizer out of it, so this won't go to complete waste.

* Armani Fluid Sheer 13
This is a meant for an all over face colour, but clearly it is too dark, it is like a dark Burgundy tone which I plan to use mixed with some other cheek blush and blended, or even to use as a contour

Both formulas ARE amazing, and it just solidified in my head that I need an Armani foundation (in my shade lol) in my life.

* Bare Minerals - medium beige
This is my favourite mineral foundation, so I jumped on the swap when it was in my colour.  I love how it gives a great luminous day time look without looking cakey or overly done.  Sure you'll need a concealer for any blemishes, but this is quick and effective.  I just hate their infomercials so much though lol

* YSL - Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick 1
* Guerlain Matte kiss kiss lipgloss in 03
* Clinique superbalm moisturizing gloss in 10 Grapefruit
* Chanel Glossimer in 117
* Edward Bess lipstick in Night Orchid
* 17 - Shine on lipstick in Flirty

YSL, Guerlain, Clinique, Chanel, 17, Edward Bess

Out of all of these, I am so excited to have the Edward Bess lipstick. I am definitely obsessing hardcore over all his stuff at the moment, 

I'm quite pleased with all of them, but the one that shocked me the most was the 17 lipstick. I did not expect it to be that nice and creamy. Wow! I'm a fan now.

* Rimmel - Lash Maxxx mascara
Something about the brush won me over. I heard this doesn't last long, but I'll be holding onto the brush for sure.

* Barry M - Glitter lashes
A little litter on the lashes - sounded too fun to turn away
It's actually not a mascara, but looks like a lipgloss and you just brush it onto your lashes.

* No 7 Amazing Eye Pencil in 05 Black
I can't say no to black eyeliners, and since I have never tried no 7 eyeliners, this was a great chance for me to try it out 

I will not need bath products for the next month.
I got 3 huge and i mean HUGE products to try

* FCUK Whipped Body Cream - 300 ml
* Sanctuary Body Milk Spray - 250ml
* Sanctuary Bath relaxer oil - 250ml

Let's see what all this Sanctuary hoopla is all about shall we....
Overall, great big items to last me this month :)

* Gosh stippling brush
I haven't used this yet, and quite impressed by the size. I'll have to give it a go and report back to you on how I feel about it.  I love collecting brushes hahaha, so glad to have swapped for this.

* MUA eyeshadow in shade 16 - Matt
So I have gone on and on about MUA eyeshadows only being £1 and being a good bargain, so I wanted to give another colour a chance. So far so good. 

* Chantecaille La Baleine Bleue
Eyeshadow Palette
OK....I never in my wildest dream would think I'd own a chantecaille limited edition item.
First, because they cost way too much.
We're looking at $95 in the states, and £85 in the UK
Who can pay that?!?! OK, I guess lots of people could, but not this person right here haha
So when the chance came to be able to swap for this, I did all I could to make it happen.

This is a gorgeous trio meant for a soft and subtle look, and that's what it delivers.
The shadow feels like SILK!!!! I think Dior just lost to the softest eyeshadows out there.
I'll do a separate post on this for sure, but I also love that 5% of the proceeds do go to the wild life foundation to help the animals that are featured in the palettes.

I love this so much.

* The Dior Travel palette (on the left) 
is gorgeous and you can find my review I did here
I have reached for this so many times this month and I just wish I had another one of this.

and last but definitely not least. 


Coming in at a whopping $117/£110
I was floored to have made this swap happen.

I am in love with the size of this palette and the texture of the eyeshadows and blush.
They are just out of this world.  I know a lot of people probably didn't buy this due to the heavy sticker price, but if you did have the money to buy it, you won't be disappointed.  it is just so smooth, and with zero fall out, and it is honestly the best eyeshadow that I have ever tried.   I will be doing a separate post on this with better more accurate pictures, but just wanted to show you guys what was in the palette.

So that was my June swap.  I'll be doing this monthly to show you all can get some great items during a swap.  Why not right? Give away something that didn't work for you, in exchange for something that would work for you.  One gal's trash is another gal's treasure right?  Do you swap? What do you love or hate about it?


My Top 10 Favourite Products for June

I can't believe it, another month is gone.  I will now have been in this country for close to 3 months and it feels like I've been here all my's a strange feeling.  I don't feel quite like a foreigner, especially since I know the language lol and been here many times before, but I always felt like this was my home, from my very first visit in 2005.  I'm having so much fun trying all the new products however. It's all so new to me and it's just a lot of fun!  June has been a good month as far as products go.  Lots of promotions, events, and swapping has really made this month full of new products.  So I gathered together my top 10 products for this month.

1. Chanel - Bronze Universel/Bronzing Makeup Base
Review can be found here

2. Amazing Cosmetics - concealer in Light Golden
A little bit goes a really really long way with this concealer.
I have been suffering from some major acne this month, and thank god for this concealer, nobody ever has to know.

3. Chanel - Lift Lumiere Smoothing and Rejuvenating Eye Contour Concealer - 30 Abricot Lumiere (why talk about a long title). 
I love this eye concealer, enough to have recommended it to other people and they love it as well.  It is a very smooth formula for around your eyes and gives you enough coverage without looking cakey.  Where has this been all my life?!
I do believe however, I'll need a shade lighter, since I'm not getting much sun living here.

4. No 7 eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf
Click here to see the review

5. Makeup Academy (MUA) eyeshadow in 
Click here to see the review 

Both were very very cheap and gave me a great neutral shimmer that I need for my day-time look. I am so pleased with these two cheapies :)

6. Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder for Face & Body 
I still love this, I'm still pulling it out to smell the wonderful fragrance, and to see the beautiful and intricate design.
Click here to see what I thought about this.

7. Poshe - Super fast drying top coat
They were not kidding, less than 1 minute, your nails are dried and you can go about your day.  I honestly can not live without this topcoat.

8.  Illamasqua nail varnish - Raindrops
I do not regret buying this polish at all, despite all the rumours about it being so sheer.  Mine was not sheer at all, 2 coats were enough for a complete opaque polish.  This is my go to summer polish! I love the formula, the colour, and the best part is just how long Illamasqua's varnishes last on me.

9.  Burberry lipstick - No 2 Cameo
I've had this lipstick for almost a year now and I never really gave it a chance, but this summer, I find that I keep reaching for this lipstick.
You can't go wrong with this adorable and sturdy packaging, but the colour wears well on my cool-toned skin.  It is just the equal amount of pink and beige mixture with a hint of coral for summer.

10.  Clinique - Redness Solution Powder
This is another product that I never gave a fair chance too, and this month I tried it again and I could really tell how much redness this powder covers up.  I lightly dust this on after my moisturizer and I see a significant coverage on my cheeks, around my chin and around my nose.  This has become a staple now.

So I was very happy about the 10 items that I choose that I am constantly reaching for this month and then it dawned on me that I forgot the number 1 most important item in my stash that I have been reaching for.

MY Skin79 BB Cream!!!!!!

Looks like whipped concealer and a bit thick and gooey

But it applies like a dream and blends so well

I could not live without my BB cream now.  It is my June top 10 and probably for the rest of next month as well.

I purchased majority of these items (except for the Poshe which was a gift) for below retail or during a promotion, so they were all at a discounted rate. So I felt that I did very well keeping to a tight budget.  Although the Guerlain did blow that budget out of the water, I love it so much, and I will have it for many many months and years to come. 
Now only if I didn't have a budget, I would have bought 2.

So here are my June's top 11
Have any of you guys tried any of these products?
Do you love? hate?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is a Beauty Blogger?

I ask myself this question everyday.  As I sit on my computer day by day and web surf from forums, to makeupalley reviews, to other blogs that I follow, I ponder if what I am doing is actually fitting the role of the beauty blogger.

It is not about being a successful blogger or even trying to obtain the beauty guru status.  My internal dilemma is due to the role of the blogger being changed into something that I don't recognize anymore.  I have seen a huge shift in the beauty blogging world from just a girl (or guy) blogging about what they love to blogs that are being used as just another avenue for companies to market their products for free.

Now this is not a judgment on those popular blogs that are sent free items.  I am just wondering, is that what people want from beauty blogs?  I know I don't.  I get a kick out of reading what someone did one day and what products they picked up (if any) and how they felt about it.  Blame it on me being nosey, but I always thought that's what blogging really was.  So that's why I started my blog.  My friends were always saying to me.." Sue, you really need to start a blog and talk about all these sales, and beauty bargains that you get", so I figured...why the heck not.  Of course in the beginning, I didn't anticipate how much effort that it really took, but I still did it with the mindset that I would just be sharing my personal life and the things that I loved collecting to the rest of the world.
But I don't see that anymore.  If that is what it means or takes to be a popular beauty blog, then I guess my blog will never be that.  I just like talking and showing people, "hey, don't pay full price for that, get that here cheaper", or "I'm crazy and I just splurged on this beautiful item, but I really want to share with you what I absolutely love".  Call me crazy, but isn't that what blogs are meant to be? Personal insights to the writer.

Anyways, my point is. If you see me talk about a product on my blog, that's because I am truly interested in that product.  Not because I feel the need to "educate" my followers, because frankly...we all have brains, we all have access to the Internet and can google "latest (insert brand here)".  So I won't insult you with that hahaha.

I just hope that even though my beauty blog is not in the same mold as the other beauty blogs, that you continue to follow me (or follow me) and just get to know me.  I don't have a lot of spare cash laying around to show you the most expensive and luxurious eye candy in the world, but then maybe you are like me (who knows!), nor do I live the most exciting life, but I love sharing my life with you all in this blog, and I love showing you things that I purchased that are beauty or fashion related, because I just absolutely and genuinely enjoy it!

Do I have areas to improve? Yes I do.  I absolutely do.  First, I know I need to provide better pictures for you all.  Money is tight and doesn't leave room for a camera, so until then, I try to take it as best as I can, so thank you for baring with me.

I also know that I need to talk more and more about myself.  I think I'm still in the mindset that the Internet is full of crazy people, but how many crazy people stalk beauty blogs..probably none lol. So I need to chill and be more open about my day and my life.

And of course if anyone has feedback or constructive criticism, please leave a comment.  If you feel uncomfortable doing so, you can leave it anonymously as well.

So am I a beauty blogger? maybe...maybe not, but frankly what I refuse to ever become is a marketing blog.  I do enough of that in my real life, this blog will always remain about me.  So thank you to anyone who read this long (and sometimes incoherent) post lol.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My HG Polish: ROCOCO Nail Apparel - Gold Leaf Lacquer

When things get rough, I always force myself to sit there and write down the blessings in my life.  One of the blessings in my life are my internet/forum friends that share my passion and also have a huge heart.  I could not even run this blog, if it wasn't for the generosity and kindness bestowed upon me by my forum friends.  There is something about a community of complete strangers that meet together to talk about something so miniscual as nail polish and beauty products.  It is quite special.  I hold these distant friendships pretty close to me, because I don't really have anyone in my real life who share this level of passion for it. 

 My day is always brightened up by a gift from any of my friends, but this gift made my yeart.  It's extravagant, and absolutely stunning! What could it be, but a nail polish made out of 24k gold flakie leaves HAHA!  DH is not pleased with the price (even though he didn't buy it lol), because he finds it ridiculous that a nail polish cost this much.  I reminded him it was not a nail polish per say, but it was an accent top coat for "special occassions". That's all I could come up with, I know it was horrible, but I was still in shock from receiving this.  

I actually was going to buy this for myself for Christmas and have been putting aside my loose change to fund it, so Christmas came very early for me this year :) :) :)

Ok I'll stop talking now and show you this beauty.

I am afraid to use it haha.
But I know when I'm going to wear it and what with!
I just love it, love love love love!

And come to think of it, my HG bag was also gold!

Louis Vuitton Limelight in Gold

As this bag is much more yellow/24k gold in real life,
I can't wait to carry this bag with my nails to match!

A little backstory about this bag.  It was something that I wanted since I saw the promo pictures of the LV runway show, I believe this was 2007 or 2008. It was right before after I got married, and I remember wanting this bag so badly that my DH saved and splurged on this bag and postponed getting himself studio equipment (that he needed).  It was quite self-less of him, and it really means the world to me.  Him, he means the world to me, not the bag hehe, although the bag does mean a lot to me as well in the material sense. :)

I feel so complete right now, it's a rare feeling for a shopoholic like myself xx

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My Favourite Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

I realised that I'm quite a bore this summer compared to what some other people are wearing. LOL! I'm not on the beach, or going anywhere tropical, so my nails aren't reflective of these bright trends that grace our magazines. Instead, I'm really loving a greyed-out more neutral look.  My mother in law said to me the other day "Dear, you must like must be in fashion". awww, was that a compliment or insult? haha.  Either way, she is correct.

Here are my favourites for this summer.  

China Glaze - Sea Spray
Eyeko - Rain
Illamasqua - Raindrops
China Glaze - Pelican grey
Zoya - Dove

Butter London - Fash pack
OPI - You don't know Jacques
Ulta - Finely Pruned
China Glaze - Below Deck
Essie - Merino Cool
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Insouciant

I also realised that these colours are not just reflective of my mood, but also my clothing. I am a huge fan of Alexander Wang Clothes because of their minimalist cool/edgy modern wear but also for his muted colours.

He also makes a lot of his fall/winter wear in black, and black is exactly the colour that I wear in the winter as well :)

Love AW & Love my matching polishes!

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MUA (Makeup Academy) Shade 1 Nail Polish

I can't believe I'm going to attempt to write a post on 2.5 hours of sleep, but here I am up at 9am writing a post.  So if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, or just incoherent babble, then you know why :)

Superdrugs is so less superior to me than Boots on so many levels: store appearance, customer service, variety of products...the list goes on and on, but they have MUA (Makeup Academy).  It is an affordable (really affordable at a £1 each) makeup range that really doesn't impress you at first glance, but is quite understated considering what you get.

I purchased Shade 1 thinking it was going to be like China Glaze's Midnight Mission. In hindsight, I have NO idea why. They are completely different as you can see from the pictures below lol!

The micro glitters are completely different. 

But then I realised why I liked Shade 1 so much!
AHA! It reminded me of my favourite Chanel Nail polish (sans glitter) - BLUE SATIN!!!

Chanel Blue Satin, MUA Shade 1, China Glaze Midnight Mission

I absolutely adore Blue satin, and you know I love you all, because I use this polish so sparingly and I still swatched it for you xx

I am so happy to have found a polish for only £1 that gives me a Blue Satin but with a subtle glitter in the sunlight.

As for formula, this is the best formula I have tried within the high street range. It was smooth, easy to apply and dried pretty quickly.  I couldn't have asked for anymore from something that I spent only £1.  I am tempted to pick up other colours at this point, but none of the other colours jumped out at me to be honest.  I hope MUA will start to broaden their colour range and provide more unique colours.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

NOTD: Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow

It is HOT HOT HOT and lovely here in England - quite rare LOL
And hot usually means allergies (lol!) so bare with me and apologies for the short post today, but the NOTD will make up for it.

I would love to be on the beach right now, listening to calm blue sea and soaking in the rays, so instead I put all that on my nails.

I kept the Chanel Nouvelle Vague as the base and on top I layered Deborah Lippmann's Boom Boom Pow. The base of this polish is a sheer gold, so that turned my blue polish into a slightly more minty green. I look at my nails and it does remind me of what a beautiful tropical ocean looks like on a clear day.

Here you go ladies & gents...

Made with 24k gold flakes, this has massive chunky hexagon glitters along with micro glitters. Lippmann does make my favourite chunky glitters, there is none like it out there in the market.

This ranges from $16-18 in the US and £18 in the UK at House of Fraser.
Well worth the price if you are a glitter lover.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

NOTD: Chanel - Nouvelle Vague Nail Polish

It is officially in the 80's today - or should I say it is 29 today :)
It's a lovely (not humid) day.  Summer has definitely arrived here in England. I know.  I am so glad, so are my pale legs.  So of course I wanted to paint my nails that complimented this beautiful weather.  I haven't worn this polish in months, but it is quite loved and I use to wear it on my toes all the time when I was living in Miami.

Chanel - Nouvelle Vague (527)


I really hesitated to buy this when it first came out, because it's not really my type of polish, but I love how it borderlines the mint and baby blue.  I know a lot of people rushed this after missing the train on Jade (still kicking myself in the a$$ for that one).

two coat opaque formula
A tad gloopy now that it's been sitting unused for close to a year.
But otherwise, if you can get a hold of this, then do so.  It is quite a powerful colour and I prefer this much more than Riva.

Oh and my cuticles are going through a bit of a transformation.  I am trying to get myself out of years of clipping my cuticles and instead to just moisturise and push them back.  Apparently that is the healthy path to take, so they just look awful. I hope this is just a transformation phase, because I am really tempted to clip those babies lol.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

**********My First Ever GIVEAWAY ***********

I started my blog last year, because I wanted to talk about all the good bargains that I was able to find, but then life got in the way and it got neglected.  I'm so happy that I relaunched this January and it has been so wonderful to have this blog as my outlet.

I am SO HAPPY to have reached over 25 followers and to celebrate (as promised) I wanted to do my very first ...
Blog Giveaway!

* Collections 2000 Shimmer & Shade Palette in Just Peachy!
* China Glaze - Sea Spray
* China Glaze - Golden Meringue

All products perfect for the warm summer weather ahead of us!

The Rules are very simple :)

Just comment below on ANYTHING and google connect/follow this blog publicly. 
The giveaway is open worldwide.

Winners will be drawn Randomly on July 15th and I will email the winner.

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!

Giveaway has ended!
Congrats to Qudz104!!

June's Lemmings

The weather is so gloomy and dark outside that I decided not to bother doing a review on an item when my photos would look dark, so instead I wanted to share my top high end items that I'm lemming for this month.

The internet is full of eye candy, we can't start our browsers without seeing ads and beautiful things popping in front of us at all times.  So what is a beauty addict suppose to do?  Well what I started to do to make sense of this madness is to write down something that I think I want, then I shorten that list by items that I think I'll want in a year from now, and then I look up reviews online and decide which ones people rave about.  By that point, my huge/out-of-control list will be shrunken down to less than 20 or so items, and I wanted to share with you the top items that I would like to get my hands on within this year.  This year? you ask. Well, considering these are high end, the price on these babies are quite hefty, and in my particular situation, I have to be rational (ugh) and budget money, but if you have the means to spend your money on high end items, then I highly recommend these today. Heck, stop reading this blog and just order it lol.

In no particular order :)

I have not been this excited about a collection launch in forever! 
This is the Fall 2011 Chanel collection, from this list, I am absolutely wanting:

1. Nail vernis in Peridot
(ok, so a lot of people either love this or absolutely hate it.  I joke with my friends and talk about how I like weird and ugly colours, well...Peridot is one of those colours.  Its not quite green, it's yellowed out green, mixed with a slight duochrome of blue and other ugly colours that looks just like muddy lake water.  I love it lol)

2.  Nail vernis in Graphite
There is nothing that screams SUE, more than gritty metallics
I love it, It reminds me of concrete at night when the rain just hits it and the street lights illuminate it to make this weird metallic grit colour. Love!

3.  Illusions d'ombres 
Although I have my favourites, I would love to get my hands on any of these for texture purposes.  They remind me of the Giorgio Armani eyes to kill eyeshadows that I have been wanting, but the colours in this collection are a bit more me.

4.  Cle de Peau - Concealer
I can't remember when I first learned about this product. Was it 2007? 2006? Anyhoo, I have been wanting it forever. I must have read over hundreds of reviews on how it's the best product out there, so what am I waiting for? Oh yeah, it cost like $70 lol
I think before I die, I will get my greedy mitts on this one.
I am very obsessed at the moment about making my aging, discoloured skin into a smooth youthful palette. So I will be investing in concealers and other face makeup that claim to do these things.

5. Guerlain - Meteorites Primer
I have my girls from TPF to blame for my Guerlain obsession lol
Another beautiful item that I've read nothing but great reviews on, and after my fail of a primer by Dior, I really want to venture to this product next.
It looks beautiful, doesn't it? Reminds me of Bubble tea :p

6. Hakuhodo Brushes
Where have these been hiding all my life? I am the most eager to try these brushes out of anything on my list, because I know once I invest, these will be with me forever. 
I have to give it up for the Japanese and their precision brush making skills, heck their love and art of brushes in general is just worlds beyond any other.  Hakuhodo brushes are apparently the creme de la creme of all the brushes, so obviously I'm greedy-eyed for these instantly.

7. SUQQU - Brow Pen
This is another japanese product that I had no idea about until I moved here to England.  Apparently it's waterproof and gives out the right amount of product to create a soft or intense eyebrow depending on how you build it up. 
Lisa Eldridge raved about these, and what Lisa says, Sue usually does LOL
So this has made it to my top wish list items. Thanks LIsa for making me broke :)
I'm going to have to head into Selfridges London for this one soon.

8. YSL Touch Eclat 
Is everyone sick of how widely these are marketed? We see these everywhere.  I think they are coming out with more colours as well.  It's suppose to be a highlighter pen that you use under your eyes to give you that lift and youthful glow. Did anyone say youthful glow? I guess my 30's will be the eternal search of how to make myself look like I'm 20 again hahaha.  (Speaking of, I got carded the other day, made me smile inside)
Well anything that claims to give my face that youthful look has already won me over.

9. Edward Bess - Eyeshadows
Ok I'm so happy that finally decided to sell this product.  What I'm not happy about is the exchange rate and how these are priced over here in the UK. 
I have heard nothing but amazing things about this product. I'm loving the swatches and I need him in my life.  

10.  Chantecaille - Les Macarons Palette
I usually don't like pink, but something about this palette makes me think that these are the colours I need to brighten up my face a bit.  I am loving the colour range, and this would be a perfect Sunday afternoon look for me.  I don't know why, I'm just so drawn to this palette.  The only thing that has stopped me is the price obviously, but if I see this in person, I don't think I can resist tbh. the sun wants to come out.
Ok perhaps there will be a review/reveal post today, but if not, I hope you enjoyed these beautiful items for your viewing pleasure :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Disappointing News from Glossybox Headquarters

A few minutes ago, I got this email from Glossybox.

Dear Sue,

First of all, may we take this opportunity to thank you for subscribing to GlossyBox! While we spotted a gap in the market for a high-end and niche beauty box, we never would have dreamed of such enthusiastic and loyal demand for it.
Thank you!

Since we are a very young and growing company, it is important to us to communicate clearly with our customers what GlossyBox is about, where we're going and any changes we are making.
GlossyBox aims to be the answer for the woman who feels overwhelmed by ads, paid-for editorials and advice in her quest to be fashionably groomed.
We help you stay on top of what is new and what works in all things Beauty.

We are working hard on the mechanics behind customizing the contents of your box - please bear with us, while we improve the beauty profile. Of course, we will notify you as soon as it is live on website.
In order to help you make that leap of faith and subscribe to GlossyBox, we offered free shipping for the first four months – May, June, July and August.
One of the upcoming changes that will affect you all is that from September onwards, we will be charging a flat fee of £2.95 for shipping.

GlossyBox will still be £10 a month, shipping will be £2.95, the total amount charged will be £12.95 and as always, you may cancel anytime.
To clarify: July and August boxes will be £10 with free shipping.
Exciting news for the coming months is that we are in the process of creating unique, original and collectable cards to be included in your monthly GlossyBox. The GlossyLooks cards will be easy-to-follow How-To's on the biggest looks for the current season as well as important and timeless styles like Smokey Eyes.
Another milestone for us is the imminent re-launch of!
We hope you'll enjoy browsing the new website and the soon-to-be live GlossyBook – our own online magazine - dedicated to the contents of the monthly box and of course jam-packed with the newest trends and video manuals.

In the meantime, I hope you're as excited as we are about the arrival of the next GlossyBox!
With thanks we remain faithfully yours,
The GlossyBox Team

Ok, so I quickly got onto their facebook page and sure enough a lot of girls are voicing their disappointment.  I also wrote a long comment on there as well.  I think that the disappointment is not the mere £2.95 shipping, but the fact that we have all been victims of an obvious bait & switch.  Let me explain.  As my previous post has shown, we went from 2 full size items in the beginning to none this month.  The decline of full size "luxury" items has been drastic and therefore, like many speculated, the first box was pumped up in order to make glossybox attractive to many.  And it worked, in fact they have a huge waiting list until September.  

Surprisingly, now in September, that is when you get this shipping increase of £2.95.  I wonder if the people on the waiting list were told this? They probably expect to get the box for £10 like the rest of us.  I may be way out on the limb here, but there is only a certain amount of products that can be given and in fact that is why May, June, and July had sold out so fast, so by charging an extra shipping cost, I wonder if they anticipated people to cancel and therefore making room for people who are so eager to join that they are willing to pay £12.95 for the box vs. £10.  Well even if that wasn't their intent, it sure worked.  I know several people who will be cancelling in September.

Anyways, I'm disappointed that a new company such as Glossybox would be willing to loose customers over a minuscule amount of money and not have disclosed that information from the beginning.  Even the people who are staying on board definitely won't be feeling great about this, especially after such a short time.  For an additional £2.95 profit, they will end up loosing a lot of customers, including myself.  I'll stay on board until September, but in September, I'm going to cancel and allow the people on the waiting list to take my place.  I don't give my money to companies that do shady things like this, no matter how great of a bargain it is.

I'm not trying to bash this company, but I like to state what I clearly see.  It is a marketing tactic to price something low, and make it look alluring and once you nab a bunch of customers, you raise the price on them.  That has been done many times, and nobody is happy when it is done.  

That is my opinion, and of course you can agree or disagree with me.  I'm sure Glossybox will do something fabulous in September to make it worth that extra £2.95 that the new customers will be paying, but to me, I don't like being lured into something only to get something switched up on me.  I'd rather take my £12.95 and save it and put it towards something that I really really want.

Also, their letter stated that they aim for women who are too busy and innundated with ads and what not.  I sort of laughed at that statement, because what Glossybox really is, is 1 big ad for the companies that have given them free samples to pass onto us so that we can sample it and hopefully buy from that company.  Come on Glossybox....All your fancy wordings and marketing wordings are NOT fooling everyone.  You guys are a big AD that is wrapped up in a pretty pink box, and nothing more than that.  
And one last rant.  This was suppose to be a "luxury" box, well Batiste is £2.35 for a full size bottle.  I do not consider that high end either, as many have voiced on the facebook page.

Ok - I'm done my rant. I'll be cancelling in August, and won't continue with this after September.  It's quite a shame really...the concept was brilliant, but the execution....not so much.


June's GLOSSYBOX Has Arrived!

Hello, what a glorious morning it is!
Nothing better than to sleep in late and wake up to a Glossybox waiting on your table for you. My DH is the best sometimes haha

I've been waiting for this box since Wednesday. This time, it took a few days more to arrive, I wonder if they will have a different shipping date each month? 

The thrill of opening these boxes is well worth the £10 alone. Honestly, shipping this box for an individual would probably run you just half the price, so I'm definitely always excited for the bargain and the surprises.

Having said that, I don't know why I am not as thrilled as I was last month. 
Could the speculations be true? That they made the first box that much more exciting to get people to sign up?  I hope it isn't so really.  Last time we got 2 full size items and this time, so of course when this month's box contained no full size items, I would naturally be disappointed....but here we go with the reveal.

Beautiful Packaging as Last month's

Apparently this cost £30.  I don't know who would pay £30 for this tiny sample, but apparently this serum is worth that.  I used this serum this morning and it was very nice.  It was unscented, went on very smoothly and just added a lot of softness to my face.  Would I pay £30 or £125 for this product, definitely not.

This is perfect.  A cute small perfume sample that I can give my mother in law.  Lalique's perfumes are not as great as their crystals obviously.  In fact, I have smelled their whole range and its demographics are usually older women.  If you like fruity, fresh, and more modern scents, this is not for you.  I was actually just talking to my MIL about Lalique while we were watching Antique roadshow on tv.  Did I tell you that I'm like a 70 year old women in a 30 something year of body? :p

I've seen this brand in Debehams many times since moving here, but I never bit the bullet and bought it.  I am actually glad I didn't.  I used this body scrub in the shower this morning and although I used it while I was wet (instead of applying it on dry skin first), the granaules were too small for me to be honest.  I've smelled this scent before as well with a Bliss product (which is where this brand is usually displayed next too).  I think it's a nice product, I'm not going to bash it, but compared to the NO 7 body scrub that I got on sale for £1, this product just isn't cutting it.  

Although this really is a great product. It's also very cheap. £2.35 will get you a full size can. So I'm not sure how this fits into the "luxury" samples.

And the last item from this box is a mini OPI nail polish.  Now if Glossybox put a full size version, I would have been beyond the moon, but nope just a teeny tiny bottle of an OPI DS Series polish.  I'm quite annoyed, because nowhere does it say it's name! And you know how OPI's minis are, they are incredibly hard to identify (with or without their serial numbers).  However, it is a lovely lovely colour with tons of shimmer and bling like all the OPI Designer series polishes do.

**Edit...My very knowledgable and clever friend Puck, just let me know that this is OPI DS Extravagance.  Oh it's great to know such smart people :p *****

My camera is obviously on strike today and refuses to pick up microglitter.

Ohhhh!! Before I forget.... there were some coupon codes, so I'm going to place the codes in the page above that is entitled coupons/codes.  Enjoy! you can tell the by my overall tone. I'm not really excited.  I really believe that the first box was amazing and that it may have been used as a marketing ploy to get people to sign up.  I was reading on their facebook that they actually have sold out of July and August's box and that they are now taking orders for September.  So it did work, people are catching onto the buzz and wanting this box, but I'm afraid what happened to Birchbox in the states is what's happening here.  I know I have no room to complain since it is overall a decent bargain and with free postage, you really can't complain, but you can't give 2 full size products in the first box and then completely not give any in the second box.  A gradual decline would have been a lot less obvious and not as disappointed to me.  Oh well, let's see how things go next month.