Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Favourite Tools: Tweezerman, Chi, and Frederic Fekkai

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of days. I have been online so much and my right wrist is starting to act up as usual.  I've been thinking about ways to create a variety of topics on my blog, and decided to venture into other parts of beauty as well (not just makeup and nail polish).  So to kick that off, I went through my collection and decided to pull out my favourite beauty tools.  

We all need them, and they can be very pricey.  In my world, beauty tools are just as important as the makeup we buy, but unfortunately they aren't as much fun, are they?  What's more fun, buying a pair of tweezers or taking that money and buying yourself a luxurious lipstick...but alas, we all must do it and that's why when it comes to beauty tools, I like to invest in good quality ones.  I don't want to have to purchase them again...ever lol.  I have bought the e.l.f tools, and the drugstore/chemist brand ones to save money, but I am never happy with them and I always end up getting rid of them.
So last year, i finally decided to invest and get the ones that are highly recommended, no matter the price.

So here are my 4 favourite beauty tools for you...

Tweezerman Cuticle Pusher

I have bought orange sticks before, the cheap 99 cent metal ones that end up rusting after a few years, the plastic ones, cuticle cutters, cuticle nippers, you name it, I bought it at one point.  But none were any better than this one made by Tweezerman.  
When you think of this company, you end up thinking twezzers, but this cuticle pusher is definitely made well and works very well!

* It is quite sturdy and heavy
* it has a etched part in the middle for good grip
* Sharp enough to push back all your cuticles, but not too pointy to cut you if you happen to make a mistake and push too hard
* Comes with a nail cleaner as well - which isn't too sharp but just sharp enough to get the gunk out from under your nails

I love this cuticle pusher and because I do my nail every single day, this is something that I'm always pulling out.

You can get this online at several different places ranging anywhere from £13-20

Next up...

 Chi Turbo CB05 Brush & Frederic Fekkai Travel Brush

I have straight hair, very fine and straight hair so it easily gets knotted and I always need more and more volume.  I find both these brushes to be a god sent to my type of hair.

The Chi Turbo brush was purchased at Ulta for $8 (with the $3.50 coupon).  It is 2 inch barell brush and helps with volume when I go to blow out my hair for volume.  I have minimal bristle fall out, and it hasn't been rough on my hair either and caused any split ends.  I just found that the entire construction of this brush is sturdy and perfect for adding body to my limp fine hair.

The Frederick Fekkai brush was one of those brushes that I hesitated to buy.  $55 for a brush? Are you insane?! Especially when with my type of hair, you could use a 99 cent brush to just comb it out.  What was i thinking right?  Well that was 1.5 years ago and this brush is still holding on strong and still coming with me everywhere I go (and believe me, I've been travelling quite a bit hehe).  I opted for the travel size which isn't that small, because the full size brush was out of my budget. 
I know I'll have this brush for at least another 5 years and I definitely don't regret purchasing this.  My next brush however will be the Mason Pearson brush.
The only issue that I do have with this brush is the amount of dust it actually holds onto.  I am constantly cleaning this brush out because the bristles are so many that any dust will cling onto this brush and it's difficult to clean out. 
Also I have lost some bristles, but that's because I beat this thing around and it's been tossed in and out of different bags.  My advice would be to keep this brush in a dustbag of some sort. 

Last but definitely not least

Tweezerman Tweezers

This is a clear example of what you pay is what you get.  Yes these are more expensive than the other tweezers out there, but believe me, there is a reason why.  This gets even the most stubborn hairs out and I honestly can not be with this tweezer. 

I was lucky enough to get this in a recent RAOK (random act of kindness) exchange, and honestly it is just THAT good.  I will never buy a cheap tweezer again to save a few bucks, because those tweezers grow dull quickly and unfortunately can never get any of my stubborn hairs out, but this tweezer does and because the grip is so good, it doesn't hurt when I pull out my hairs as much as the other tweezers.

I will buy more and more of these for the rest of my life :)

You can purchase yours in various places online, ulta, sephora, and department stores for $20 - $25, but there are always sales, so keep your eyes peeled for some on ebay and during beauty events.

So now that you saw my favourite tools, what are yours? Which ones can you not live without and is always in your beauty routine?

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