Thursday, June 2, 2011

EYEKO: The polish & The Drama - Rain, Cosmic, Saucy, Vampira

One of the joys of moving to a new country is trying new things.
Eyeko is one of those brands that I use to see in Ulta many years ago, but then they disappeared one day. So when I learned that Eyeko is made in London, I was glad to re-try them and try their nail polishes for the first time.

Eyeko has been talked about for several of their products, but the more I research Eyeko, the more I learn about the drama around their Ambassador commission scheme/scam.
I did sign up to be an Ambassador. It's free and all you have to do is plug in your ambassador code to get free gifts, and you get 15% commission on all sales where your code is entered. Good things right?

Well not really, apparently you have to earn £5 or more each month or else you get jack sh*t. A commission is a commission, and a sale is a sale.  Apparently Eyeko wants to get something for nothing from all of us beauty obsessed girls.  In fact, writing this blog is also more publicity to them, but perhaps if enough of us b*tch about it, then they will change their commission scheme.

Last week, they had a promotion for their Ambassadors, apparently whatever you bought you would get double of it.  Buy one get one free suckers me in every time, and since I needed a gift for someone, I jumped on this offer.  I guess the promotions is the only benefit of being an Ambassador, because I won't be asking others to use my ambassador code since I lose my commission every month anyways.

Ok so enough moaning and onto the polishes...
Each polish cost £5 
And now they have some sets that contain 3 polishes for the price of 2.
Not bad.

The Calling of London package had the 2 polishes I really wanted to try out, so I got that.
It contains: Cosmic, Vampira, and Saucy.
Saucy is a vibrant blood red polish
Cosmic is a black polish with holo glitter
Vampira is a black base with red glitter, very much a combo we have seen by other brands

Then I picked up Rain, because I love the moody greyed out baby blue

So for the price of 3 polishes, I ended up getting all this..

And these are the babies staying home with mama

As happy as I am about trying these polishes, I'm a bit annoyed with the company, so I won't be jumping to purchase anything else from them unless there is another sale like this or other "perks", but I can not lie, these polishes are pretty damn cool!

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  1. Black jelly! Glitter! Sold!

    Boo on Eyeko's Ambassador program though. Just BOO!