Thursday, June 2, 2011

New inspirations

I am loving this new this blog site called Ikeahackers.
They really have some awesome ideas on DIY projects, and a lot of things I saw have inspired me quite a bit.  I'm definitely going to use these two ideas below.

I have been blessed by so many lovely ladies that I have met along the way in this crazy beauty obsessed journey, and I have kept all of their cards as a remember of just how lucky I am.  So I think the DIY cork board on the left would be an excellent place for me to put my cards on.  Just need to find some cool looking thumb tacs.

(All images have been taken from ikeahackers)

And I love the look on the right for me to put my brushes and other long items like mascara and such! Very smart looking.

I'm also in love with the IKEA malm table as well. 
Now only if I had our own place to move into lol

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