Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chanel: Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

If you have stumbled onto my blog from google, because you want to know what this product is about and if it is worth the high ticket price....
I have 1 advice for now to your shop and buy it, click now online and buy it, and if you can afford it, get 2.

I am very pale and have been searching forever for a bronzer that doesn't look orange on me, and a bronzer/illuminator that doesn't have too much pink that accents my rosy cheeks and my slight rosacia issue.

I'll list very easily why this product is a must have:

1) It is a comfortable, non oily creamy texture that you buff onto your face and finishes off as a powder

2) It is huge and you get your money's worth, tons of product

3) It smells divine!

4) It does not make you orange
This alone is reason to buy this product!

Lid to keep the creamy formula fresh

Don't worry, it doesn't look this bronze/brown on your skin, a little on your brush and you buff it in, it turns very warm and not orange on your light skin

See how huge it is?

I did return my Chanel lipgloss and put that amount against this powder.  It was pricey (£29) and unless I knew it would be a staple piece and for Debendhams's promotion, I would never had spent this much, but I don't regret this purchase - Not one bit! So from one frugal annie to another, if you want high quality, non-orangey, non-oily/pore clogging bronzer to just give you that little umphf on your skin, this is the product for you!

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