Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guerlain - Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body

I couldn't resist this collector's item when Debenham's was having their beauty sale.  I also had some money to redeem from their beauty card, so this was a deal for here (especially since it was cheaper than purchasing in the states - a rare event!).

I'm just going to show you guys this beautiful highlighter.  I was able to try this at the shops, but I haven't swiped this yet.  I really don't know when I'm going too, since I don't want to ruin this beautiful masterpiece...although eventually I will have too

Beautiful wooden case

Snaps shut with 4 magnets

It's huge!

When I swiped it at the shop, it was not your typical bronzer, in fact as the photos show, there is an abundance of pink/peach/gold that actually acts  more like a bronzed blush than a typical contouring bronzer.  It is exactly as Guerlain named it.."radiant powder", it gives you that extra slightly warm glow".  This is perfect all year round and not just in the summer when you want a sun-kissed look.

I haven't had to heart to touch it yet, but I open it to smell the wonderful jasmine scent that it has.  Ahhhhh, smells amazing!!

Retails for £42.  I have seen this at Debenhams and House of Fraser, but I'm pretty sure it is available wherever there is a Guerlain counter.

This was a total splurge and although I'm sure there is a close dupe to this in the market, the craftsmanship, the scent, and the overall product feel just makes it that much more luxurious and to me, it was worth every penny I spent.

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