Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Z Palette - The Ugliest Palette & Ugliest Customer Service

I finally got around to pulling out my Z Palette after a couple of months of owning it, and wanted to show you all what has happened.

I purchased Z palette at, because like a lot of busy/on-the-go women, I wanted to consoliate my palettes into one palette and take with me on travel and to and from work.  The Z palette seemed to be the answer to all of that, but take a look at what has happened.
Mind you, I am very very careful with my makeup and despite that, this is what it turned out to look like...

The edges are bubbling up and the film is white and noticable

More bubbling


Bubbles on front 

Bubbling on the back too 

So basically I have a crappy looking palette on the outside, the inside is NOT any better, the film is definitely coming off, the corners are starting to crease and fold! I barely touched this palette and this is what it looks like?????? Totally not worth $20, you guys can get a better palette for less without this ugly mess.  I really wish I could get my money back for this.

Z Palette - hey guys, I'm sure you won't read this. but if you do....I want my money back, no wait, how about fix this top coat film from coming off of your palette. The idea is great, but the execution obviously is not.

What a waste of $20.

I want to try the UNII palette to see if it's any better, heck it has a mirror so that alone wins over the Z Palette.

****I updated this blog a few days after, because I was infuriated with their customer service response when I emailed them about my issues with the palette.  Apparently they got their panties all ruffled up, because they didn't like the bad publicity from this blog entry.  Well I hate to break it to you Z-Palette, but this is MY blog and I give nothing but 100% unedited reviews on my products, and no I won't keep hush about how faulty your product is. ******

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