Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chanel: Quadra Eye Shadow 20 Regard Perle

As much as I love Chanel, I have yet to ever buy a Chanel quad.  I own 2, but those were actually swaps off of makeupalley and I honestly didn't even care for the color, I just got them, because they were Chanel.  I wasn't impressed and that's probably because they were all matte eye shadows. So when I saw this palette and how close it was to Chantecaille's Sea Turtle Palette, I went to my local department store and swatched it every single freaking day.  They know me now at the Chanel counter LOL

Here is my beautiful, overly priced Chanel Palette

I actually hate these velvet pouches because they collect every spec of dust, and an OCD gal like me can not handle it :p

I did a light swatch to show you how sheer the formulation really is

Here, you can see that the product does build up with extra swipes.

I do really like this palette, because it can be sheer for daytime casual look and also builds very well.  I think I also like this palette far more than my other palettes, because there is that built in shimmer to each shadow.

I wouldn't have gotten this, but I had some free vouchers and there was a 10% promotion, so I returned to the counter and bought it.

At this time, I did purchase a Chanel Argonite lipgloss, but I returned it for the Chanel bronzer makeup base (a review of this will also be put up).  I think I have to return for that lipgloss once my Debenhams points go into my account.

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