Thursday, June 16, 2011

Funky Fingers - Sand and Stilettos

Holy Holographic Glitter Mania!

My dear friend sent this to me and I can see why!
I wanted to spruce up my NOTD from yesterday, so I added a layer of OPI DS Original on top and I thought that would do it, but the lack of sun here made me want MORE BLING!

Say after me... MORE BLING! MORE BLING!
So I did it, I gave myself a blinding mani.
Luckily I only did one finger, but that was enough to do the trick

Even with the lack of sun and tip wear,
(sorry had to do some massive cleaning this morning due to my severe allergies lately)

You can see the chock full of glitter this polish gives. That was one thin layer placed on top of my manicure.

It is scattered holographic goodness!

Warning: A bit gritty, but well worth it for the colour payoff.

You can find Funky Fingers at 5 below.
And to think, there is some pre-teen girl out there rocking this, 
move aside child, this holographic glitter is meant for adults, 
or should I say....Nail Polish Addict Adults :p