Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Top 10 Favourite Products for June

I can't believe it, another month is gone.  I will now have been in this country for close to 3 months and it feels like I've been here all my's a strange feeling.  I don't feel quite like a foreigner, especially since I know the language lol and been here many times before, but I always felt like this was my home, from my very first visit in 2005.  I'm having so much fun trying all the new products however. It's all so new to me and it's just a lot of fun!  June has been a good month as far as products go.  Lots of promotions, events, and swapping has really made this month full of new products.  So I gathered together my top 10 products for this month.

1. Chanel - Bronze Universel/Bronzing Makeup Base
Review can be found here

2. Amazing Cosmetics - concealer in Light Golden
A little bit goes a really really long way with this concealer.
I have been suffering from some major acne this month, and thank god for this concealer, nobody ever has to know.

3. Chanel - Lift Lumiere Smoothing and Rejuvenating Eye Contour Concealer - 30 Abricot Lumiere (why talk about a long title). 
I love this eye concealer, enough to have recommended it to other people and they love it as well.  It is a very smooth formula for around your eyes and gives you enough coverage without looking cakey.  Where has this been all my life?!
I do believe however, I'll need a shade lighter, since I'm not getting much sun living here.

4. No 7 eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf
Click here to see the review

5. Makeup Academy (MUA) eyeshadow in 
Click here to see the review 

Both were very very cheap and gave me a great neutral shimmer that I need for my day-time look. I am so pleased with these two cheapies :)

6. Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder for Face & Body 
I still love this, I'm still pulling it out to smell the wonderful fragrance, and to see the beautiful and intricate design.
Click here to see what I thought about this.

7. Poshe - Super fast drying top coat
They were not kidding, less than 1 minute, your nails are dried and you can go about your day.  I honestly can not live without this topcoat.

8.  Illamasqua nail varnish - Raindrops
I do not regret buying this polish at all, despite all the rumours about it being so sheer.  Mine was not sheer at all, 2 coats were enough for a complete opaque polish.  This is my go to summer polish! I love the formula, the colour, and the best part is just how long Illamasqua's varnishes last on me.

9.  Burberry lipstick - No 2 Cameo
I've had this lipstick for almost a year now and I never really gave it a chance, but this summer, I find that I keep reaching for this lipstick.
You can't go wrong with this adorable and sturdy packaging, but the colour wears well on my cool-toned skin.  It is just the equal amount of pink and beige mixture with a hint of coral for summer.

10.  Clinique - Redness Solution Powder
This is another product that I never gave a fair chance too, and this month I tried it again and I could really tell how much redness this powder covers up.  I lightly dust this on after my moisturizer and I see a significant coverage on my cheeks, around my chin and around my nose.  This has become a staple now.

So I was very happy about the 10 items that I choose that I am constantly reaching for this month and then it dawned on me that I forgot the number 1 most important item in my stash that I have been reaching for.

MY Skin79 BB Cream!!!!!!

Looks like whipped concealer and a bit thick and gooey

But it applies like a dream and blends so well

I could not live without my BB cream now.  It is my June top 10 and probably for the rest of next month as well.

I purchased majority of these items (except for the Poshe which was a gift) for below retail or during a promotion, so they were all at a discounted rate. So I felt that I did very well keeping to a tight budget.  Although the Guerlain did blow that budget out of the water, I love it so much, and I will have it for many many months and years to come. 
Now only if I didn't have a budget, I would have bought 2.

So here are my June's top 11
Have any of you guys tried any of these products?
Do you love? hate?


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