Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in 55 Wheatsheaf

My £5 voucher was burning a hole in my pocket, so since I had to go into town for some much needed Asian groceries, I stopped by my favourite shop...BOOTS!!
It's almost embarrassing, because the ladies at the till know me now :p

For £3, I am now able to try my very first No 7 eyeshadow. Now for the average British girl, this shadow has been raved and ranted about for years, so my post may be boring, BUT for the American girls reading this, Target is carrying No 7, so this review may be helpful.
Although, I'm not sure if the formula is different or not overseas. I picked a very basic and neutral colour....a pink/beige/shimmery colour used for all over eye colour and for highlighting.

Love this neutral colour!

Weird name right?

* Smooth & Silky formula (I give this a 6 out of 10, and 10 being the texture of Dior)
* Nice shimmering flattering colour.  This colour reminds me of MAC's Naked Lunch
* Both for cool and warm toned women

* £7 is a bit steep for this shadow, especially if they can continue to give the £5 off voucher.  It means even at £3 a shadow, Boots is still making a profit
* Packaging is very weak, the lid can break right off if you're not careful

Overall, I'm happy to have spent the £3 to get to try No 7.  I know I won't re-purchase this at £8, which is what Boots is hoping for with this promotion.  I know I can't complain over something that cost so little, but other than the packaging, I really think this is a decent eyeshadow and if you are a bit tight on cash, then this promotion is a great way to try an eyeshadow that will deliver above average quality.

I think the next time I get another £5 voucher, I'm going to try one of their highlighting or concealer products.

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