Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Thank You Note

I got a really nice thank you note in the mail today.

Basically...a couple of days ago while waiting for the bus, I noticed a shopping bag and when nobody came back to claim it, I figured someone left it there by mistake, so I took it home and found information on the owner and called her to come get it.  I'm glad I did, she had her whole life in this one planner/filofax and I realised that she was the type of lady that wrote everything down and had her whole life in this planner, so I'm so glad I took the shopping bag and found the owner.  She gave me £5 and I refused to take it, but she was insistent that I did.  That alone was sweet, but then today I got this thank you card.

This taught me a lesson today.  We are so use to living our own private lives with no care for others sometimes; in fact, we are down right skeptical sometimes of our fellow man, because of fear or just lack of interest, but sometimes we just need to care, even just a little and sometimes that small gesture could mean something to someone. I could have left the bag there and had someone else deal with it, but I knew that if I had left my shopping somewhere with my planner, I would appreciate it if someone could return it to me.  I'm glad I actually did something about it, and the thank you card was so sweet!


  1. OMGosh, you are SO thoughtful. I hope if I ever lose/leave something, someone like you is there to find it.