Friday, October 7, 2011

My Anniversary

Who's anniversary is it? It's me and DH!!!! 4 years married, 7 years together today :)
I never imagined myself to be married, let alone with the same guy for this long haha, but it's true.  I have been MIA for a bit due to work, and prepping for "date" night. So I've been slacking on the posts for sure! But I'm back with some reveal photos and other snapshots that I took while I was out today.

So my guy and I have been together for 7 years. We did promise not to buy presents this year, because moving to England really ate up our savings. I woke up today and found a 2 page hand written letter from him.  I read it while I was getting ready and almost cried.  I'm not a very emotional person, in fact I'm quite the opposite. I guess this is just an adverse reaction to my 20's when I was extremely emotional about everything! haha!  So if you know me personally, then you know that I was super touched to muster up a tear :p  The letter said that despite being together for 7 years, it feels like we just met.  That made my day! 

 The other reason why I love him so much, is that he accepts that I love being online, working on my blog, and other geeky computer stuff :) He's the same, so thank god he understands that despite being our anniversary, that I have to get this one post in. LOL!

So today, DH took me out to lunch at a really good Thai restaurant.  The food was great! Owners were super friendly, and just a great start to our anniversary.  Despite sitting in the doctor's waiting room for awhile, I was able to pop into town to see all the new Christmas stuff out already. I'm so excited!!!!
I love Christmas, and I can't wait for December. Roll on!

So popping into Boots while I'm in town is my normal routine now, and I saw some really cool things. Check it out! A whole row of Soap & Glory. WOW!  One of those huge hampers cost £60.  See, I think that's a great deal, but I'm still converting into dollars, and I keep asking myself, would I spend a $110 on a Soap & Glory back in the states? Probably not, so why would I buy that here, but if you have that cash, that's a wonderful gift to buy for someone!

 I do really like the packaging, their humour, and their products aren't that bad either.

They don't mess around here in England. Christmas gift packages are already out, and my eyes just naturally caught some of the nail polish sets.
Sorry my picture is craptastic. The bottom 4 polishes are actually quite jewel-tone rich and shimmery. I have never tried her polishes, but I really thought these were nice.

You know I'm a sucker for anything black & gold, so I immediately saw these.

I didn't get a picture of the Boots 17 magnetic polishes (£5.99), but they had a whole stand. The colours were a steel, dark purple, and a dark green.  I am actually tempted by them.
On other nail polish news.
At Asda, they had a new crackle stand out for the George Polishes.
As you know, I'm personally sick of crackle, but these were only £2 and they had several colours.
So not too bad if you love this nail trend.

Superdrugs also had their gifts sets out. Unfortunately, my superdrugs sucks, so they only had one row.  These stuck out to me immediately.  I wish they sold other Andrea Fulerton polishes, because I'm dying to try some.  What do you all think of this set?  I've heard such great things about Andrea Fulerton's polishes.

Just so you all know. Both Boots and Superdrugs is having 3 for 2 sale on their Christmas sets, so start your shopping early and save a little.

So I walked around a lot today with DH.  Went into Debenhams to grab my free sample of the Lancome Foundation that they were advertising. 

 So as you know, I'm still on my project 10 pan ban, but it was my anniversary so I cheated a little. Really...just a little. oopsy!

I can't live without my magazines. I just feel off without my monthly fix of fashion.
Plus it came with a free L'occitane hand cream. This is my #1 hand cream EVER!
So I definitely grabbed this.

And I bought Nail Polish remover. I go through so much of this stuff, it's not even funny.
I also bought contact solution, but I'm not going to bore you with those pictures :p

So I finally saved up enough Boots points - £16!!!!
Now I'm trying to think what I should buy.  I'll be saving up a bit more until Christmas, but any suggestions??  My Boots has a Dior, Benefit, Clarins, Estee Lauder, and Clinique counter.  I'm so giddy that I get to use my points soon. 
What would you get if you had £16 to spend?

Then I popped into TK Maxx to look for some salon size bottles of hair conditioner, but they didn't have anything I liked, but I did see some House of Holland tights.  These are slowly starting to be some of my favourite tights.  I got a two tone stocking tights, and a grey knee high socks with some gold chain designs.  God, I love House of Holland so much!  And I paid £2 each, so even a bigger bargain.  Is this considered cheating on the ban?
It's not a beauty product :p

 So that's it. It's not much, but I also didn't want to drag DH around too long. It is his anniversary too haha, and I knew he didn't want to spend it waiting around for me.
So we ate a really good meal, and I grabbed some small things. 
Overall, it was a good day.

And on the way home, I snapped a pic of my bag that I carried today.
Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30.

Sorry this post is all over the place. I just feel like I'm jumping from here to there.
But it's now late, and I need to sleep at a decent hour tonight.
So saying hello and I should return soon with my scheduled posts soon.

Take care lovelies!


  1. Sue this is the longest post ever... made me smile though. That is such a love story and really made me smile!congrats to you both.

    I love boots at christmas! I want everything.

    Speak soon.
    and have a lovely day.

  2. hahaha! I told you it would be long lol. That's what happens when I can't post in a day or two lol.
    Thanks for reading, and yeah Boots is sooo awesome! wow! I can't wait for christmas to roll around.

    Talk to you soon babe xx

  3. happy anniversary!
    i also can't believe that it's almost holiday time - where has 2011 gone?

  4. Happy anniversary!

    I think the S&G hampers usually go on sale, so look out for that! I remember one year they did hat boxes full of product and I got so many of them for Christmas because they went on sale just before the holidays!

  5. You found a Thai place? How awesome is that?!