Saturday, October 1, 2011

My October Lemmings

I can't believe it is October. I would have moved to England 7 months ago. Wow. Time really does fly. Well it's gorgeous here and we're having an "Indian Summer".  I love it, but I'm also looking forward to my favourite fall weather.  With Fall comes new beauty and fashion trends.

Here are my lemmings for October.  You will notice that I have added non beauty items.

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YSL Shocking mascara in Black Burgandy
I quite like slightly tinted mascara, I think every brand should do this.

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Dior Mitzah Quint
You slap the word "Limited edition" in front of anything and it will drive me crazy!
I love this palette along with the other Mitzah leopard palette (which I have yet to get also).
Dior is killing me this season!

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I don't wear dresses, but if I do they are always black. 
Here is the latest from Alexander Wang that really caught my eye.
Definitely out of my budget, but I'll be watching this around January when the price will drop significantly :)

I completely forgot to add this necklace that I saw recently in a magazine, and have not been able to take my eyes off of it. Just the right amount bling, and it's long.  You all know how I love my long necklaces!
photo taken from cosmo

And lately I've been on a hunt for black knee high wedge boots!
I can't find a pair that I like, what's up with me?
If you see any, comment below and let me know please.
I obviously need all the help that I can get.

What have you been lemming for?

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